JetBackup is used to backup accounts and files to a recovery server in a remote location and can be used to run a backup of our server data. JebBackup includes features more than the cPanel regular backup, Generally, there is one restoration point per night and we keep seven to twenty restoration points at a time.

System requirements

  • latest cPanel stable version.
  • CentOS, CloudLinux or RedHat 6+

Installing JetBackup

Installing JetBackup is simply login to the corresponding server as root user and run the commands below, after the installation, the configuration is done from the WHM.

yum clean all –enablerepo=jetapps*
yum install
yum install jetapps-cpanel –enablerepo=jetapps

The license should be added after the installation this can be done from the WHM.

Login to WHM as the root user, in the plugins menu list, you can see “JetApps”, then select JetApps to proceed to JetBackup and select the version required to install and the click the approve.

What Can You Backup And Restore With JetBackup?

  • Full Account Backups
  • File Backups
  • Cron Job Backups
  • DNS Zone Backups
  • Database Backups
  • Email Backups
  • SSL Cert Backups

There are several options with JetBackup.

Full Account Backups

Full backup of your account can be downloaded from the cPanel account itself, the backup generated will be downloaded directly to our local PC. The backup file will be slightly different when compared to the cPanel backup.

File Backups

JetBackup provides us an option to restore only files and folders from the entire backup generated. This can be done from Jetbackup and click restore and download the select backup type as file backup and select the corresponding user which we wish to restore and the list of file can be viewed, we can select the required file to be restored and then click “restore selected” button to restore the files.

Database Backups

JetBackup provides us an option to restore only the database for a particular account, from JetBackup select backup type as database backup and select the user which we wish to list the backup to be restored, a list of backup for the database can be listed from the drop-down menu and then click restore.

The email, SSL and DNS zone backup can be configured separately if required. The JetBackup is simple and more continent when compare with another backup system which is cost-efficient also.