Plesk vs cPanel

Plesk and cPanel are the control panel for web hosting that allows customer to manage their hosting. The control panel generally have a graphical interface, Plesk and cPanel are the primary contenders in webhosting control panel.

cPanel is installed on Linux OS and it’s easy to use graphical interface and automation tool designed to make website hosting easy to manage. The Plesk hosting offers the ability to configure and maintain Windows or Linux servers.

User Interface is most important when comparing between the two control panels. Plesk is having more attractive interface. But cPanel is more popular, and since more users are familiar and comfortable with it.

Cost is another factor, for most users, cPanel is cheaper than Plesk. The price will depend on hosting package you select. For instance, on Cloud servers, the price for cPanel and Plesk usually start at around $34 per month.

cPanel comes with Web Host Manager and it’s not accessible for shared hosting users either they upgrade to reseller hosting or VPS. The cPanel interface is for the hosting users and WHM is for the admin. The two systems have separate logins and interfaces.
Plesk has a single login for admin and users. They are similar but the options different.

Plesk and cPanel are stable and secure. Each panel has pluses and minuses, Your decision must be based on which hosting control panel is accessible to your OS.

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