Cloud has become a buzz word in the server and data industry. In a very short period, the technology has made giant leaps. If you have attention to the trends and is interested in integrating this next generation technology, then here are a few things you should know about managing cloud.

Primarily there are three types of popular cloud management services to help enterprises at various stages of cloud adoption.

Cloud Transformation Services – If you want to migrate from your existing hosting package to a cloud solution, then this is the service you should choose. This service will hand hold you through the transformation period, and if necessary the support would extend till the end of the project life cycle. These services mainly offer features such as:

  • Cloud assistance for complete project lifecycle
  • Cloud migration services
  • Quick deployment
  • Custom/personalized services tailored to individual needs
  • Industry standard accelerators/solutions

Cloud Management Services – Managing cloud is not quite an easy task as the industry hasn’t fully realized the scope offered by cloud.  The various services offered in cloud management cover the actual running status of the website on cloud, its security and recovery in case of any attacks.

These services provide you a lot of agility, scalability, responsiveness and visibility for your different operations. These features allow you the opportunity to convert your cloud into a public, private or hybrid environment as per your requirement.

Features include:

  • Enterprise management
  • Virtual desktop management
  • Managing Storage
  • Uninterrupted support
  • Monitoring
  • Security & data backup

Cloud consulting services – If you are not clear on the strategic side of cloud, then these services are for you. They will guide you to set clear objectives. You will be able to understand the cost and benefit involved upon the integration of cloud to your enterprise.

The consultants would help you address issues such as security, process, service quality, manageability, regulations compliance and transforming your IT enterprise to an on-demand environment with service orientation.

Features include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and accurate measurement
  • Providing an outline of the cost involved and the ROI
  • Analyzing the amount of work load and cloud application

Cloud management tools

Managing the cloud manually can be difficult. So, there have been some interesting tools to help IT admins and enterprise owners. Here are a select few of them.

Cost tracking – Cloud Cruiser, Cloudability, Newvem, Cloudyn

Cloud management – RightScale, BMC, CA Technologies, ServiceMesh

Automation – enStratus, Puppet Labs, Chef, RightScale, GigaSpaces Technologies

While there are a variety of tools available, not all of them necessarily suit your particular requirements. In order to find the perfect tool and manage the cloud, one of the above mentioned cloud management services would be of great help.

ServerAdminz offers cloud management package enhanced with self-style-service provisioned to balance the centralized, policy-based and size planning with the visibility on physical and virtual environments from applications to disk. We provide the customers to study, form, deploy and operate application environments on-place. It increases the visibility and control over ServerAdminz services while delivering comprehensive services like managing, monitoring and reporting solutions, and ensures IT standards and policies. We offer widest and the most appropriate set of solution to build, deploy and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of cloud..If you are looking for a service provider offering cloud support services, you can contact us on or +1 (845) 271 7172.

ServerAdminz is a server support company specialized in Outsourced 24/7 Web Hosting Support, Remote Infrastructure Management, NOC, Cloud and Enterprise Security Services. With over 10+ of years of experience in working with major Data Centers and ISPs with 130+ experienced technicians, we continue to manage more than 49,000 servers from 85+ countries and has bagged 5 international awards.

If you have any queries regarding cloud management services,share your thoughts and our representative will get back to you.

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