DevOps is not a tool nor a software, It is a software development strategy which connects the Dev (Development) and the Ops(Operation) sides of a company. Here I am going to introduce five popular tools that are used in industry.


Git is an opensource adaptation control system intended to deal with everything from little to vast ventures with speed and productivity. Git was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005. It is highly scalable, supports the non-linear development and easy branching. Git is used by Microsoft, Amazon, Linkedin, Facebook etc.


Jenkins is the most famous continuous integration tool with great community support. It is an opensource robotization server written in Java. It has several modules to help to build, deploying and automating any project. It is portable to all major platforms. A lot of companies are using Jenkins those are Pentaho, OpenStack, Capgemini, Linked in etc.


Selenium is a portable software testing framework for web applications. It automates browsers. It is an opensource tool mainly used for functional testing and regression testing. Selenium supports most of the programming languages like Java, c#, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Javascript and supports major Os like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs and Android. Google, IBM, JP Morgan, Fidelity are some of the companies those using Selenium.


Docker is basically a containerization platform. It is proposed to make it more straightforward to create, deploy, and run any applications by using containers. Docker likes a virtual machine. In any case, in contrast to a virtual machine, rather than making an entire virtual working framework, Docker enables applications to utilize indistinguishable Linux kernel from the framework that they’re running on and just requires applications be sent with things not effectively running on the host PC. Docker provides portability and provides security to deliver applications. Uber, eBay, Paypal are using Docker.


Puppet is the most well known open source arrangement management tool, utilized for sending configuring and managing servers. It has a master-slave architecture. Puppet server can keep running on any stages that support ruby. Puppet is used by more than 30,000 companies worldwide like Google, Red Hat, Siemens and so forth.  An average of daily 22 new organizations uses Puppet for the first time.

Salt Stack

Saltstack is a python based open source administration management software and remote execution engine. It has master-slave structure. It shows real-time logs, errors, queries and more directly into the workstation. Salt event-driven infrastructure not only let you automate initial system configuration, but it also lets you automate as-you-go to scale, repair and perform ongoing management.JP Morgan, Bluecat networks, Grab, Anthem is using the salt stick.


Nagios is a free opensource computer software application that monitors systems.  Nagios can caution technical staff of the issue in occasion of failure, enabling them to start remediation forms before blackouts influence business processes, end-users, or clients. THE O’CONNOR GROUP, McGraw-Hill Education Inc are the companies those using Nagios.

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