Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is a set of software instructions used to integrate a number of features and modules meant for the efficient management of different cloud environments. While it is impossible for a simple virtualization management console to effectively handle and manage public, private and hybrid cloud environments, CMP comes as the best bet to meet all these specifications. Alongside this inherent benefit, the next important decision would be to choose a befitting one.

CMP can also be seen as a tool which is loaded above the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to mechanically organize and run your infrastructure. Basically assisting IT administrators teamed with an Infrastructure head of your business, the CMP provides a bird’s eye view of the entire infrastructure.

How to select a Cloud Management Platform?

Selection Process for a Befitting CMP – A Function of Many Variables

The present age governed by the influences coming from multi-cloud strategies makes it a worthwhile move to blend the flavours of public and private cloud options. This is when the functionality of CMP makes sense to ease out and prompt organizations to make the most of configured stacks or applications running on private or public clouds.

In a nutshell, CMP is a user-friendly interface bestowing the optimum visibility, control and power to users. Scouting for a befitting CMP can be made easy if the platform comes with features that can metamorphose your IT-enabled organization with the following benefits.

  • An interface that allows organizations to accelerate their application delivery should be chosen so as to gain a competitive edge over others.


  • Any platform that enhances your IT efficiency both in terms of infrastructure and manpower should become your top choice. An interface which is governed by the principle of consistency should be chosen so that everything will be in tandem with the latest versions, given the fact that you are operating in a heterogeneous IT environment.


  • There will be instances when many of your cloud resources are left unused, redundant or minimally used. This calls for the need to have a befitting CMP in place so as to analyze trends in your resource usage coupled with benchmarking the performance of your cloud.


  • A platform that handholds you to penetrate newer markets can also be labelled as a cost-friendly option. An interface that helps enterprises explore new capabilities along with helping them gain a foothold in new geographies should fit the bill for a perfect CMP.


  • Given a lucrative situation when your product becomes a hit in the market should prod the CMP to auto-scale your applications. On the flipside, a platform that permits you to scale down during times of downturn can be tagged as a scalable option for businesses.


  • A CMP which brings to the table the benefits of a cloud portfolio that is poised to deliver results in the form of maximum performance and minimum costs should be chosen. Along with these benefits, check out a platform that helps you access state-of-the-art cloud services. This way, your IT and Finance departments will work in consensus with each other towards the bigger picture; the seamless management of cloud services to improve your bottom line.


  • Finally, be on the lookout for a CMP which reduces over-utilization of cloud resources by timely identification and prevention of abused resources that swell with time. A CMP which is proficient to avoid the inherent risks associated with hardware, datacenter and network comes as a perfect choice while simultaneously facilitating the activities of programmed scaling and automatic backups.

Cloud Management Services by ServerAdminz is enhanced with a sophisticated process that held together, based on documentation, emails and client communications. Cloud management is the management of cloud services, where we manage cloud environment’s servers, storage, networking and data center operations. We will manage the adoption and integration of cloud with the existing resources, which would more complex as the business information won’t be in the exact way as you required, such as business priority or value supported.

ServerAdminz cloud management services help business firms provide a greater operational agility, which also helps to analyze, scale, respond quickly, utilize assets effectively, and provide visibility across operations. We will help to define an automated cloud management system that suits your business across all verticals. This will help you to migrate to a private, public and hybrid cloud environment.If you are looking for a cloud management service provider, you can contact us on or +1 (845) 271 7172.

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