cPanel is a Linux driven web hosting control panel that works through a graphical user interface (GUI) supported by automation tools. Basically meant to simplify the complexities associated with hosting a website, this control panel operates through a triple-tier structure enabling administrators, resellers and end-user website owners to exercise control over umpteen aspects of website and server management via a standardized web browser.

Ordained to function as a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server (VPS), an important trivia is to understand that cPanel once installed cannot be removed easily. Your decision to however uninstall this panel calls for a complete formatting of the server. Another point to be noted is that this panel can be installed on an operating system which is minimally configured.

cPanel Server Management

WHM – Web Host Manager is a web-based tool that is used by both classes of server administrators and resellers in an attempt to manage hosting accounts on a web server. In addition to offering access via root administrator, WHM facilitates users to access its features with reseller permissions and privileges.

It is through WHM that the server administrator can manage and maintain operations including upgrading and recompiling Apache and PHP, installing Perl modules along with a facility to upgrade RPMs installed on the server. cPanel server management also calls for IP management and Root password modification which is majorly facilitated by WHM.

Advantages of cPanel

  • Customers of cPanel derive many advantages in the form of front-end operations like the effective management of PGP keys, crontab tasks, FTP accounts, mails and mailing lists.


  • Ease of installation is another advantage that makes cPanel a chosen website hosting option. It is as simple as running the installation script for the complete configuration to take place.


  • cPanel efficiently manages certain software packages individually from the operating system while permitting periodical upgrades to happen to Apache, MySQL, Exim, FTP, PHP and other software packages. And all these upgrades happen automatically. This feature thus paves way for the up-to-date status of packages alongside ensuring complete compatibility with cPanel and its features.


  • Not calling for high level of technical expertise, cPanel comes across as a user-friendly option when can be used by a layman with minimum knowledge.


  • The ability of cPanel to effortlessly integrate and support a plethora of applications is another benefit that demands a special mention. CloudLinux, WHMCS, R1Soft and SpamAssasin are some of the applications along with many more that can be easily integrated into the control panel.


  • Managing cPanel is simplified with a function of a large chunk of cPanel scripts that are written to enable both admin and updating operations. Wish to customize or include additional modules of PHP or Apache? Then, it is as simple as going back to the default settings to fix an issue arising out of an unsuccessful attempt.


  • Technical support can be at your beck and call when a host of online cPanel forums offer support through discussions. This is one panel that has a round-the-clock support system in place along with benefits of cost-friendliness and a problem-solving approach that is absent with other panels.


  • It is very easy to perform server log analysis along with recovery operations via cPanel.


  • Growing with time, the cPanel team takes pride in its holistic data security facilitating periodic updates along with the provision of patches strengthening newer features, security and stability.


  • Last but not the least is the presence of numerous players in the form of cPanel Server Management Companies that you can fall back. Services offered by them include all your account migrations, cPanel server hardening and all other requirements that are part and parcel of your cPanel installed server.


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