ServerAdminz provides enterprise grade Cloud infrastructure management solutions based on OpenNebula. If you are a web host planning to offer Cloud hosting service to customers, then look no further.

We offer complete support to get you on track – from helping you choose the desired server specs, to installation and configuration of the cloud environment itself.

logo_opennebula_largeWhy OpenNebula?

There are many cloud management solutions available to choose from. OpenStack, OpenNebula, CloudStack are some of the most commonly used ones.

OpenNebula hides several complexities from the end-user (unlike other solutions) and is probably the easiest to manage and administer, thus making it a safe choice of investment for cloud hosting providers.

Equipped with a simple yet powerful administration panel with support for all features that you expect from an enterprise cloud solution (like live migration, high availability etc) and above all, being a truly open source production-ready solution makes OpenNebula a perfect choice to build your brand new cloud infrastructure upon.