Data Center Management

Today you know that the Infrastructure needs are growing and the organizations have challenges in managing the different assets. Organizations are looking to transform and consolidate their data centers to meet business needs i.e. minimize risk and maximize efficiency while improving productivity. ServerAdminz can reduce data center footprints, optimize infrastructure with maximizing efficiency, minimizing risk while maximizing ROI.

  • Datacenter Deployment
  • Datacenter Redesign
  • Datacenter Helpdesk Management

ServerAdminz Data Center Management (DCM) is what we call the right solution to the right infrastructure from the right service provider. Our Datacenter management can tweak the performance, harden the security, audit the process, optimize the efficiency and business value of physical infrastructure. We help enterprises to enhance data center utilization and reduce operational costs to stay competitive.

ServerAdminz helps to standardize, virtualize, and maximize IT infrastructure and assist you in adopting cloud technology as a pay-per-use model.

ServerAdminz DCM offers data center services, where we work with you to assess your existing data center infrastructure and provide solutions that support even mission-critical environments. Our staffs are experienced in managing complex infrastructure has propelled the availability, utilization, and efficiency of data center assets and services. We help you to provide end-to-end services remotely from our global network centers. We use the most comprehensive automation solution to monitor and administer the data centers, integrated with service management tools. Our service delivery platform is called HashDCM.

Our HashDCM services is ITIL aligned and is built around 3 main levels of support – HashWatch, HashSolve and HashOps that help you monitor, manage issues, provide backup and configuration services and patch management. By this we help you to focus on your strategy, and ensure operational efficiency and assured service availability. ServerAdminz DCM offers the following services :

Managed Infrastructure

ServerAdminz ensures all storage and computing resources are fit-for purpose across their lifecycle.

Server Management Services

ServerAdminz cross platform support (common and legacy operating systems); support of virtual and physical environments on various hardware platforms; fully integrated automated systems management tools.

Managed Application Storage

ServerAdminz provide a complete enterprise storage service that delivers key business functionality including backup and restore for their successful business continuity.

Identity, Security and Risk Management

We help you to achieve secure and uninterrupted business operations through our extended secure integrated physical and digital environments.

Backup and Storage Administration

Delivers an end-to-end storage solution for all your enterprise needs and remedies for unprecedented reliability and data security.

Database Administration

ServerAdminz manage your databases and data across all your application touch points seamlessly.

Data Center Audit

ServerAdminz audit your Data Center and provide recommendations to optimize and virtualize servers running in the Data Center.

Server Administration

ServerAdminz provides highly skilled workforce for troubleshooting and end-to-ends support and manage unmatched reliability, availability and uptime.

Messaging Support

Manage emails with ease across devices and environments. Our fully integrated support team is proficient in latest technologies ensuring seamless migrations and end-to-end business continuity.

Network and Communications

We keep your all networks at business speed, provided with increased load of rich media communications.


ServerAdminz emphases is primarily on corporate governance, this leads to an effective decision making processes wherein we make most our employees participate in decision making processes, nerveless forget that what we are today is the thrive of our employees. It is persistent to uphold high standards of conduct based on clarity and accountability. We understand the importance of transparency in corporate governance to capture confidence of stakeholders in management and what witnesses is improved productivity.

ServerAdminz impart a great predominance to Employee empowerment, this is an essential function of our organization. As for the empowerment we provide special training programs and events to cultivate knowledge to act wisely. Its inevitable for our employees to take right decisions at crucial situations. We provide 3month free training program for most of our employees to make them learn new skills and make them suitable enough to handle situation amicably. Our highly skilled trainers proper persistently constant training to modulate employees to our desired concept. This makes us attain our core competence. Our culture is expressed by way of values we uphold and those ethic we follow. ServerAdminz aims to build a strong business relation with all our clients by providing proper quality service at specified time, through these time span we had succeeded in building up a relatively strong and sustainable client base.

In ServerAdminz we give a great priority towards health and safety of all our employees. Our employee welfare programs help our employees economically to cope up with various situation of life. Its through employees satisfaction and loyalty we found our road map to conquer success.