ServerAdminz Virtualization Service Across Verticals

ServerAdminz Virtualization Service helps the businesses across all industries.

  • Manufacturing

    Increase productivity by leveraging global collaboration while increasing security and flexibility.

  • Healthcare

    Patient’s records are kept secured, when you take the desktop as service.

  • Education

    It could help the student and teacher to access the virtual desktop from any location by enabling with proper control and secured environment.

  • Government

    This would enable a key role in their smooth functionality through faster needs of Respond faster to the needs of different branch offices, while reducing IT capital and operating expenses.

  • Financial Services

    They could manage and support the activities of their branch offices through highly controlled and secured environment and could achieve the business goal

Services Offered


  • Management of Directory infrastructure
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Security hardening


  • Migration from heterogeneous platforms
  • Assessment & Configuration of directory-integrated applications
  • Upgradation of Directory Infrastructure


  • Planning, Designing, Consolidation and Migration
  • Architect solutions for Directory Service
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Technology Refresh Assessmentt
  • Building Business Study
  • Gap Analysis
  • TCO / ROI Study