Life At ServerAdminz

Establishing Your Career Path

Try making your next career growth with ServerAdminz and you will leap towards achieving your potential. ServerAdminz career development will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to take your career forwards.

Essentially there are various challenges that will help you progress your career in the direction that interests you the most. You’ll be given good deal of opportunity to get diverse experience and probe divergent level of our business.

  • Provides opportunities to identify and reward.
  • It is the foundation for continued success – yours and ours.
  • Your development is of core importance to us

  • It will pitch in to an engaging and positive workplace for all

Continuous Learning

The Learning that take place in the workplace will regularly replenish and strengthen your technical skills such that it will act as a guide leading to enhanced services and better client relationships.? Our Growth, Prosperity, Success – and our clients’ – depends on our people hence considering their development seriously.

The Guidance you require the most when needed

Training and development enables you to enrich your skills and expertise in your field with the help of a guide. This ranges from daily informal on-the-job coaching to periodic performance reviews. So at one end of the scale you will be provided a trainer who will be incharge of training you about particular skills or issues, and at the other, you’ll have a manager who will be constantly keeping a record of your performance.

Work culture

ServerAdminz emphasis primarily on corporate governance, this leads to an effective decision making processes wherein we make most our employees participate in decision making processes, nerveless forget that what we are today is the thrive of our employees. It is persistent to uphold high standards of conduct based on clarity and accountability. We understand the importance of transparency in corporate governance to capture confidence of stakeholders in management and what witnesses is improved productivity. ServerAdminz impart a great predominance to Employee empowerment, this is an essential function of our organization. As for the empowerment we provide special training programs and events to cultivate knowledge to act wisely. It’s inevitable for our employees to take right decisions at crucial situations. We provide 3-month free training program for most of our employees to make them learn new skills and make them suitable enough to handle situation amicably. Our highly skilled trainers persistently constant training to modulate employees to our desired concept. This makes us attain our core competence Our culture is expressed by way of values we uphold and those ethic we follow. ServerAdminz aims to build a strong business relation with all our clients by providing proper quality service at specified time, through these time span we had succeeded in building up a relatively strong and sustainable client base. In ServerAdminz we give a great priority towards health and safety of all our employees. Our employee welfare programs help our employees economically to cope up with various situation of life. Its through employees satisfaction and loyalty we found our road map to conquer success.

Our Location

Life at ServerAdminz

Randomly ask anyone working in ServerAdminz and they’ll tell you it is a comfort zone and a rewarding place to work in many ways.


This means that everyone’s involvement is mandatory in any work that has to be done, may it be an important decision that has to be taken to the various celebrations conducted in the workplace. Diversity of thought and ideas enables us to provide better services to our clients.

Various backgrounds and skills

There are a series of criteria that we look up to and expect you to meet. If the expectations are met, you can relax knowing the fact that you will feel comfortable within our working environment Few qualities we look forward in an individual are as follows:

Employee Engagement

Being a family member of ServerAdminz, there are various ways by which we engage each and every one. Starting right from birthday celebrations to being a part of the various festive seasons are some of the occasions our people do not miss at any point of time.

Becoming a Member of ServerAdminz

Your next career move should be a step towards meeting your goals and realizing your caliber: you need to be certain it’s in the right path. This gives you insight into life at ServerAdminz – how we’ll help in your career developement and provides opportunities and experiences you won’t find elsewhere

Support and rewards

We’re committed to giving you the experiences you need to progress and develop that will help you to excel and achieve your potential. Reward and recognition are important features of life here too.

Integrity & Leadership

People who know how to build relationships by doing the right thing. People who can lead and motivate others, and provide clear direction and encouragement in times of both prosperity and challenge.


In search of high performers, who consistently deliver quality work while continually looking for ways to improve

Energy and Enthusiasm

People who are determined and are passionate about helping our clients achieve their potential

Our Infrastructure