Disaster Recovery

ServerAdminz disaster recovery is a process to recover and protect your business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. It involves a set of policies and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems, keeping all essential aspects of a business functioning despite significant disruptive events.
Around 53% of companies who has lost data as result of a disaster has never recovered to its original position. Through ServerAdminz we help you to avoid from this undesirable situation. With our simple and cost-effective solutions you are prepared for everything from an employee who accidentally deletes an important file off the server, to a flood disaster that destroys your server completely. ServerAdminz ensures that your corporate data and systems are protected at all times.

Disaster Preparedness for Any Environment

Most of the companies think that their data’s are safe and they never think about the disaster. Significant impacts such as human error, system failure and natural disasters could destroy your business. You have to be prepared before disaster strikes through a comprehensive solution, which allows you to safeguard your data and helps you to recover files and application data from a backup.

Establish recovery plan

There are possibilities of disaster, even after so much of precautions. During this time we establish a recovery plan for the disaster recovery. At first there will be an initial setup, where we determine how to quickly restore service in the event of a calamitous server failure. Acceptable timelines are identified for obtaining a new server, restoring data, and priority of services to be brought online.

Improve RTO

We restore all of your data, files, applications and operating systems and thereby helping your operation and infrastructure back to life in minutes.

Scalable Cloud Storage

Optimize data protection by backing up to the Cloud. Through these service we will manage, protect and access your data.

Architecture re-designs

We are experts in handling recovery solutions and this we assist you in server configuration redesign, which will help you to avoid server downtime for future at the lowest cost.

Quick service restoration

We are expert in handling crisis situation and we are able to manage and provide quality service with minimum complaints. We do disaster recovery on the basis of restoration priorities and runs non-conflicting restores in parallel, which are some of our advanced steps in maintaining low impact on server restoration.