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Planning to hire dedicated server engineers for your server administration needs? Well, you are at the right place. ServerAdminz has got a pool of talented and certified server engineers who can assist you on tasks such as management, monitoring, optimization, and hardening of your dedicated, cloud, or VPS servers. You can choose any of our monthly plans to get started.

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Certifications are a recognition for the efforts we put in to offer the best quality services by adopting industry best practices and measures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What operating system do you support?2016-05-12T08:16:36+00:00

All most all flavours of Linux/Unix and Windows are supported by us.

How can we escalate the issue to management?2021-06-09T12:35:22+00:00

You can escalate your issues by opening ticket at Escalation Department or by sending an email to escalations@serveradminz.com

You can submit your concerns and complaints by opening ticket at Quality Assurance Department or by sending email to qa@serveradminz.com


What control panels do you support?2016-05-12T08:13:16+00:00

We support almost all control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Helm, WebMin, Kloxo, InterWorx and SolusVM with Xen and OpenVZ virtualization.

What are the services you are monitoring under Server Monitoring and Response Plan?2016-05-12T08:12:21+00:00

The following services are monitored : Root Partition, Total Processes, Server Load, CSF, Free Space, MYSQL, Mail Queue, ServerTime, HTTP, Zombie Processes, Clam, FTP, IMAP, SSH, SSMTP, PING, Swap Usage.

What is the difference between Server Audit and Server Hardening?2016-05-12T08:11:33+00:00

In Server Audit, we will perform Enterprise Server Hardening and provide you a detailed Audit report about your server. The report include present condition of your server, the steps that we have done and the changes that we have made to tweak and secure your server.

What do you mean by L1, L2 and L3 technicians?2021-06-09T12:39:42+00:00

The difference is basically in experience and skill set. L1 technicians have 0-1 years of experience, while L2 technicians have 2-4 years of experience. L3 technicians have 5+ years of experience.

What do you mean by Proactive server monitoring?2016-05-12T08:09:34+00:00

We monitor your server’s various services like apache, DNS, mail, ftp, pop3, server load and free disk space 24/7 using Opensource monitoring tools. Since we are “proactively” monitoring the resources and working tirelessly to make sure that services stay online 24/7, you might notice that our technicians have already been taken care of any issue even before you start checking about an alert.

What do you mean by Resolution Time?2021-02-08T09:48:28+00:00

Resolution Time is the total time taken to resolve a ticket, starting from the time it was opened. In most cases, our technicians are able to maintain a resolution time of 6 hours. However some cases will require more time than usual, like migration, data restoration, malware scan etc.

What do you mean by Response Time?2021-06-09T12:41:07+00:00

Response time is the maximum amount of time taken for a technician to reply to a ticket tagged ‘New’ / ‘Customer Reply’. We offer a guaranteed response time of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the support plans.

Would you provide Phone Support?2016-05-12T07:59:53+00:00

Yes. We provide free phone support with dedicated support plans. You can also purchase Phone Packs from the url https://www.serveradminz.com/phone-support/

What do you mean by expect an expert call?2016-05-12T07:58:51+00:00

With ServerAdminz, you can authorize us to have a senior technician call your customer on your behalf for resolution of their high priority or complex issues. Speaking from our experience, most tickets that go wayward and result in bad review from your client on Internet Forums can be avoided very easily with a direct conversation and proper analysis of the issue they are stuck with.