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Dedicated Team

  • Level 1 Technician
  • $119900monthly
  • Level 2 Technician
  • $149900monthly
  • Level 3 Technician

Semi Dedicated Team

  • Level 1 Technician
  • $79900monthly
  • Level 2 Technician
  • $99900monthly
  • Level 3 Technician

Shared Team

  • Level 1 Technician
  • $49900monthly
  • Level 2 Technician
  • $69900monthly
  • Level 3 Technician

Server Based Plan

  • Per Server
  • $4900monthly
  • Per VPS
  • $4900monthly
  • Per Instance

Ticket Based Plan

  • 300 Ticket Pack
  • $300/ticket
  • 500 Ticket Pack
  • $200/ticket
  • 1000 Ticket Pack


Hire the engineer that best fits your requirement


You can hire dedicated, semi-dedicated or shared engineer as per the skillset required.


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Choose your own dedicated, semi-dedicated or shared team for handling your customers.

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Reviews From Around The Globe

People from all over the world are loving ServerAdminz and we thrive off their feedback. Our team strive to provide quality technical support and always try to raise our performance bar.

Since I’m a serveradminz.com customer for almost 1 year now, I wanted to write this review to share with you. I initially decided to use ServerAdminz for their white label helpdesk via WHMCS and now I use them for server management, server auditing, custom development, and any other IT related needs.

If you are looking for a managed Server provider you should try this company out. I am blown away by how fast they reply to my tickets and their willingness to resolve any issues that arise. They will begin by asking for you a document with all of your settings, i.e., control panel logins, software venders, any specific details they should know on how to better help you. The call this the KB (knowledgebase). Since I already had a box setup they scanned and provided some additional server hardening changes which they implemented for me. Again, I was mainly interested in the while label helpdesk support they offer to my customers.

Shaun Sweeney, Oana Host
This will describe a bit of my past experience with other companies in order to contrast and to credit ServerAdminz for being a superb server management company. Like anyone else would say, I regret why didn’t I try them out much earlier and saved all the hassles I’ve been through with other companies.

While I have a personal server with WiredTree, I also have a server somewhere else which is meant for small web hosting business. I’ve spent more than half a year to finally settle down with ServerAdminz, the superb server management company I called, that suits my expectations and deliver what they promised. They deserved a detailed review of mine. I have somewhat high expectations towards the server management company that I will work with, I can be very fussy at times to ensure everything is as perfect as possible. The three most important features that I would like from a server management company are: determination …

Shyuan, HostPride Network
After researching a few outsourced support providers, we came to the conclusion that ServerAdminz would be the right team for us. This conclusion was ultimately proven to be correct. Not only have ServerAdminz been professional in all of their handling with us, but they have been remarkably fast and persistent in making sure that an issue in resolved. If they do not know a solution, their techs go out of their way to research and work on issues for endless hours until it is resolved. You cannot get more for your money…
Samuel Lison, E Hosting Solutions
Server Adminz is incredibly effective! It’s been few years now that we are part of web insdustry and we have never seen a customer service such as Server Adminz!

They keep you tightly informed of your ticket status and they act very quickly!

I recommend Server Adminz to all those who wish to entrust their advanced server management to an outstanding team!

Jean-Philippe Charbonneau, Versatile Consultation
Had a huge server crash on Oct 28th 2014 after kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update.

Leased an AMD 6 core server with dual terabyte drives from 1&1 a little over 3yrs ago and it was time for a new server.
Took over 48hrs for hardware deployment at 1&1 and I was down for the count. Discovered ServerAdminz listing on cpanel.net and man were they a lifesaver…

Dave Villiings, Air America

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