Meet Our Management Team

Anees T
Anees TChairman & CEO
Vimal Kumar K
Vimal Kumar KDirector & CTO
Sandeep Anand
Sandeep AnandVice President
Sachin Raveendran
Sachin RaveendranVice President, Operations
Noyal T. Hari
Noyal T. HariVice President, Corporate Strategy
Febina K V
Febina K VVice President, Software Development
Krishna Prasad
Krishna Prasad Technical Manager
Abin Kurian
Abin KurianProject Manager
Abhilash Manoharan
Abhilash ManoharanProject Manager

Meet Our Core Team

Bonny Chacko
Bonny ChackoManager - Business Development
Aparna R
Aparna RManager - Quality
Midhlaj Seyd Muhammad
Midhlaj Seyd MuhammadTechnical Department
Stebu Johny
Stebu JohnyTechnical Department
Anjith C Antony
Anjith C AntonyIT Infrastructure & Security Architect
Ajay P
Ajay PSoftware Department
Bibin Varghese
Bibin VargheseSoftware Department
Renjith Kathirolil
Renjith KathirolilSoftware Department

Meet Our Valuable Team

We Are Here To Serve You

Our team is our Strength also our Reflection. We have attained an edge over corporate competitiveness through various functional, technological and integrated skills of our human talent . Every member in our team is well educated about their core responsibilities, possess high intellectual disciplines, are updated on latest technology, have good product knowledge and are service oriented individuals who work together towards a common business goal.

Team composition constitutes a right combination of team individuals based on their attributes corresponding to the business/ corporate task assigned to them. Team with high performance has members who are mutually accountable for each others performance. Our team believes in consensus decision making and accountability, mutual encouraging mentality, collectively resolving conflicts, acknowledgement, setting high standards, clarity and appreciation.
  • A team which continuously strives to improve team efficiency which reduces the clinical errors.
  • A team which maintains a synergy within various departments and alliances across the organization which leads to higher employment satisfaction.
  • A team which motivates each others and make team members join hands to work together and gain collaborative results, this in turn improves quality of the product and services.
  • A team which resolves issues by common understanding on diverging interests which reduces employee retention.
  • A team that measures and monitors team performance and facilitates continuous quality improvement strategies.
  • A team that rises together and deliver the best in performance, knowledge and attitude.
Team ServerAdminz is a set of collective practices that gives way to unmatched success and quality in everything it delivers. We have different kind of teams performing different task and perform together in coordination to achieve a common goal.

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

We have different kind of teams performing different task and perform together in coordination to achieve a common goal.

  • Core Team
  • Coordinating Team
  • Contingency Team
  • Ancillary Service Team

  • Support Service Team
  • Administration / Management Team