Corporate Governance

Our company is built with reputation, which is delivered not just through business or market performance. It comes from the core values practiced by our company. Inherently these values are defined by Integrity. Integrity lays down the guidelines how we all behave and work. What follows is a ready reckoner for ServerAdminz employees to consult whenever they come to a crossroad.

Corporate governance is a process by which we are made responsive to the rights and wishes of stakeholders. The fundamental basis of corporate governance and responsibility is the value system of the organization. Corporate Governance is necessary to contract a tendency for corporations to be a selfish and myopic. The role of corporate governance is to guide us to achieve corporate and societal responsibilities. ServerAdminz vehemently agree to the concept of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. The benefit of corporate governance lies in its contribution both to business prosperity and to accountability. The pursuit of best practice for accountability will enhance our performance. A good governance means a proper balance between enterprise and accountability.

In pursuing the Group’s corporate aspiration to be a regional financial services leader in humanizing financial services by 2015, the Board is steadfast in maintaining high standards of corporate governance with a view to enhancing stakeholder value, increasing confidence, establishing customer trust and building a competitive organization.

The Board meets is held every month with additional meetings convened as and when urgent issues and/or important decisions are required to be taken between the scheduled meetings. At the end of financial period 31st March 2015, the Board met 10 times to deliberate and consider a variety of significant matters that required its guidance and approval. All Directors have complied with the requirement that Directors must attend at least 75% of Board meetings held in the financial period, and attended at least 50% of Board meetings held in financial year 31 March 2015 pursuant to the listing requirements. The current practice is to appoint Board members to sit on subsidiary boards, in particular the key overseas subsidiaries, to maintain oversight and ensure the operations of the respective subsidiaries are aligned with the strategies and objectives.


ServerAdminz corporate governance ensures proper management with the directors. We ensure an agile, proper performance is necessary to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance. At ServerAdminz, the Board of Directors is at the core of our corporate governance practice and oversees how the Management serves and protects the long-term interests.


As a part of our commitment to follow global best practices, we comply with the BODs Corporate Governance Guidelines 2007, and the recommendations of the management members.


ServerAdminz Foundation, the philanthropic arm of ServerAdminz, fulfills the social responsibility of the company. The Foundation has undertaken various initiatives in providing medical facilities to remote rural areas, organizing novel pension schemes, etc.