Cloud Monitoring

Cloud is more than just low-cost infrastructure and lightning fast applications. With the advent of robust technologies such as the Internet of Things(IoT) and M2M – an organization’s cloud adaptation must become more simple, flexible and manageable. Organizations must ensure that their applications easily integrate with the cloud environment. Do you have the resources, expertise and budget for such a transformation?

Managed Cloud And NOC Integration

A managed public cloud provider must pay careful attention to security in the cloud, isolation and processes while offering significant cost savings. Deploying a public cloud gives your business a huge advantage on high availability and manage ability. However, your infrastructure must still be monitored and managed. In a managed cloud services set up, MSPs provide customers with backup, monitoring, troubleshooting and managing endpoints such as desktops,servers,routers and switches. However,monitoring and managing these end points along with other services amounts to only half of the job.

24/7/365  Monitoring  &  Response

  • Fully monitor servers, system resources, public cloud computing-­specific metrics, and common applications such as web servers and databases  
  • Maintain detailed processes and centralized logs for quick troubleshooting  
  • Provide special monitoring for cloud resources such as database services, load balancing, and data warehousing  
  • Adhere to response time for critical events, with regular updates until resolution
  • Complete Tier 3 Support and Predefined events as per client requirement    
  • Helpdesk Support through ticketing system and dedicated phone line  

Proactive  Management  

  • Proactive server updates and maintenance periodically  
  • Deliver actionable information to provide visibility on network performance management
  • Handle user-­requested maintenance tasks  
  • Automated server backup and other routine backup tasks for disaster recovery  
  • Monitor application performance    
  • Provide access to knowledge centers with documentation.