Corporate Social Responsibility

ServerAdminz is conscious and concerned for its CSR policies. We actually value the basic concept of social responsibility and strive hard to implement all our CSR goals. Technology is responsible for the increase of global connectivity and has contributed a lot in spreading awareness for the social responsibility towards the society and the prevalent situations that were once ignored. Now a days Technology is not only responsible to connect but it also ensures that it gives back some percentage of it to the society. Our CSR activities contribute an important part of cooperate strategy where we give a predominant importance to reputation and goodwill. Indeed we have directly involved in may social and environmental issues. We at ServerAdminz are aware on our corporate social responsibilities. We have obligations that are environmental, Philanthropic-al and we follow an ethical labor practices. We don’t mind going an extra mile to contribute to our environment and doing donations to national and local authorities/ organizations. We treat our employees fairly and ethically ensuring their safety and prosperity

The Directors of ServerAdminz give great predominance to the concept of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. ServerAdminz believes that that success of an organization is not just limited to wealth maximization rather accountable to the society environmentally and should also posse’s social commitment. We work with various non profit organization for the empowerment of weaker section of the society by providing better education and better standard of living for a sustainable livelihood by prioritizing the requisites for the journey towards a better way to life and there by help the country to rise its human development index. ServerAdminz believe and preaches Green Computing or green IT, which refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT whose goals are to reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency during the product’s lifetime, and promote the recyclable or biodegradability of defunct products and factory waste. As per this concept we generally concentrate on energy efficiency, reducing resource consumption and disposing of electronic waste in a responsible manner

Responsibility beyond business | CSR activities conducted from 2014

  • Work closely in hands with non profit organizations for providing better education and health facilitates
  • Conducting campaign for channelizing resources and thereby achieving better standards of life.
  • Safe drinking water projects and better sanitation facilities. Blood donation camps
  • Donation to orphanage and distribution of food and clothing to poor