Network Monitoring

ServerAdminz provides  a  wide  variety  of  certified  network  engineers  with  a  broad  range  of  network  expertise.  Make  sure  that   your  network  devices  are  always  up  and  running  with  instant  alert  notifications  and  know  their  performance  with  detailed   performance  and  uptime  reports.
Our  network  experts  can  monitor:

Under  #NOC/Network  Monitoring  Services,  we  provide  24/7  managed  service  for  your  application   servers,  network  and  server  infrastructure  and  identify  network  issues  before  becoming  it  to  a   problem.  Our  senior  network  engineers  take  all  possible  actions  for  all  alerts,  provided  with  real  time   updates  and  thereby  reduces  the  downtime.

Maximum network uptime, Minimum operational overhead.

With ServerAdminz  NOC/network monitoring, you can rely on our team to manage network related issues throughout, overnight alerts and begin troubleshooting. We know that your network is the backbone of your business and we manage the operational aspects of your network so as to reduce the downtime. Its expensive if you are managing it with an engineer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and around the year.

Under ServerAdminz-NOC/Network Monitoring Services, we provide 24/7-managed service for your application servers, network and server infrastructure and identify network issues before becoming it to a problem. Our senior network engineers take all possible actions for all alerts, provided with real time updates and thereby reduces the downtime.

Tier-1 Remediation

Our optional Tier-1 Remediation services is a service in which we work with you to develop a “Status Book” documenting all network related issues and through this you can sleep throughout the night, as ServerAdminz back your infrastructure and hence you can enjoy your business.

Multi-Metric Monitoring

We manage typical network devices and keep monitoring the set of metrics such as bandwidth utilization, network errors, status, packets, CPU status and disk usage.

UPS & Generator Monitoring

We manage UPS and Generators, which involves monitoring the battery status, timings, standby status, power status (output/input), fuel status, running time, oil level, and transfer switch. Apart from this, we also keep on checking the temperature, airflow and water level.

Flexible Methodology

For monitoring network equipment, ServerAdminz uses a combination of standard protocols such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and ICMP Ping. We also use Call Level Interface (CLI) scripts as a standard protocol to make data available. We will take the statistics off of a website or via XML monitoring.

Support for SNMP Traps & Syslog

Through network-monitored equipment, we support processing of SNMP traps and syslog messages. Our rule based processing engine drives us to define the issue at the moment they’re received. And we would send emails, SMS or phone calls to your staff from our 24/7 NOC. Rules may even be time-based or count-based, so we’ll only alert.