Client Testimonials

“I recommend serveradminz. I use them to manage our server and they also provide transparent support to our customers via WHMCS. They can do anything you need at a really good price.”



“ServerAdminz .. Amazing name with amazing Performance. Just simply, choose them, don’t even search for any other third party support. 24/7/365 Online support, respectful team, fast response in less than 20 minutes. My server was under attack, they helped me solve the problem, and hardening the new server in a way I am sure it will be more secured now. I am now going to continue with them, +1 for them.”

Fox Team Bethlehem, Palestine


“I have recently relied on serveradminz.com several times with questions/issues that have baffled me. They’ve always come through and the price is quite reasonable! Thanks, folks.””



Thumbs up Review On ServerAdminz.com – Great Job Done !!!


I had a issue with my windows Dedicated server and the OS went crashed, I was unable to take the DATA from that server, So I created the thread on this issue at http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1642965

Still, I could not get the Data Backup, I have finally contacted SERVERADMINZ.Com and Their technical team worked with my DC, Finally got the Databackup using LINUX LIVE CD in the crashed Windows server. I had very less support from DC but the ServerAdminz managed to get the job done.

Really Great job done by them, I will hire them again for all my server management needs and Will also recommend for others. Really good team to work with.


Review of ServerAdminz.com team

I was looking a expert team, who can help us and can work with me and my team.

Then I got Mr. Sachin from serveradminz, then I meet with Mr. Krishna. I see they are very helpful and good person.
Then I take support from them regularly. As a serveradmin, you should good some good serveradmin friends. My recommand would be be friend and connect with them. Also include me as friend.
Hope you peoples would be very strong backbone for many of companies.
Best of luck.


Irfan, EyHost
Hello guys,

Yesterday I had a sudden problem with a KVM node (as posted here) so I was looking on whm offers forum for a system management company. The guys from serveradminz answered me pretty quickly and after paying $25 they started to work on my server. I have to say that I was really impressed by their service. They kept me updated with the progress at every step.

The technician Krishna Prasad did an astonishing job, working many hours to fix all the things. He was even in contact with SolusVM, checked forums for a solution to a known bug (one of the issues was that I updated the server software). Also, it was great to see he was knowledgeable on all the solutions we use: KVM, SolusVM and WHM/Cpanel and he didn’t gave up until everything was working perfect again.

If you are looking for a company that can take care of your infrastructure in a timely manner and at an affordable cost I recommend these guys.


ServerAdminz Review – 5*

Hi guys,

I wanted to share our experiences with serveradminz, who provide our outsourced hosting support for our clients.

We have been using them for almost a year now due to some rapid growth in our business. We simply needed more staff so reached out to Sachin, who contacted us to discuss packages where their team would be an ‘addon’ to our own staff.

We felt the need to move forward and agreed on a shared team with 24×7 live chat and support. This allowed us to communicate with them through a chat interface which was fine.

Very quickly, the team came familiar with our setup and configuration. They were comfortable in handling customer’s support requests and we’re providing an incredibly fast response time.

They have also helped get us out of a number of small disasters, from servers not booting to restoring data. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Also reactive in emergency scenarios.

Since then, our business has grew tremendously – we have achieved constant 5 star reviews on TrustPilot by customers happy with their support.

Were now using a semi-dedicated team and will no doubt be upgrading to more team members in the near future.

Thanks to Stebu, Jimson, Paulson, Ance, Anu and the rest of the team for your assistance.


ServerAdminz Server Management – 1 year review – A+
Since I’m a serveradminz.com customer for almost 1 year now, I wanted to write this review to share with you. I initially decided to use ServerAdminz for their white label helpdesk via WHMCS and now I use them for server management, server auditing, custom development, and any other IT related needs.

If you are looking for a managed Server provider you should try this company out. I am blown away by how fast they reply to my tickets and their willingness to resolve any issues that arise. They will begin by asking for you a document with all of your settings, i.e., control panel logins, software venders, any specific details they should know on how to better help you. The call this the KB (knowledgebase). Since I already had a box setup they scanned and provided some additional server hardening changes which they implemented for me. Again, I was mainly interested in the while label helpdesk support they offer to my customers.

In the beginning, I watched tickets that customers would send into support for QA and to make sure that they were handling issues. After I saw they were doing an excellent job I do not QA tickets as frequently anymore. When I started using ServerAdminz I was with a provider that also offered managed support. I found myself using ServerAdminz to ask questions and get support rather then my hosting provider because I liked their faster replies and better explanation of handling issues as compared to the hosting provider. After being with them for a year, and feeling very confident of their ability to handle all issues, I decided to change to an un-managed data center and use them not only for their white label customer support but also for their managed services.

This company is great….after I decided to migrate to a new data center with un-managed support, ServerAdminz provided me with a very competitive quote to harden the new server, and install all of the software I wanted (CentOS, cPanel/WHM, CloudLinux, Kernel Care, R1soft, cagefs, PHP selector, Comodo web application firewall CWAF). ServerAdminz asked me for login and contact details for the newer data center, and software venders I use. They love to help in anyway they can, for example, when they needed to setup a fresh installation of CentOS and CloudLinux at the new data center, they asked me for the data center control panel login. They did everything for me and provided a timely update when the install was done. They will help post tickets that need follow-up and then reply directly to the datacenter. I love this as it frees me to focus on my core business.

I’ve never had any of my sites down, while using ServerAdminz. I have also learned more about Linux and server management while using their services. Recently, they introduced me to their manager, Shiraz Mohammed, that handles web site design and development from their parent company HashRoot Technologies (P) Limited. Now, I have an in house web design and development team to assist my current customers with any web development needs.

Thank you so much Shiraz Mohammed, Arun, Charls John, Sachin, Krishnendu, Savin Varghese, Ajay Joseph, Ramkumar T K, Shan Hassan, Ranesh, and the rest of the ServerAdminz IT Team! ! I’m very happy I went with you guys a year ago when I needed a trusted server management company.

If you are looking for a trusted server management that also offers white label customer support, don’t hesitate to use ServerAdminz, they will help you to help your customers.


Shaun Sweeney, Oanahost
If you’re in need to seek alternative, I can vouch for ServerAdminz.com. They have discount code on WHT if you would like or ask for custom quotation, but make sure you ask clearly with all your requests before paying so that you won’t get frustrated after that if something’s not right. Even the CEO himself is so friendly and polite. His team seems very passion in what they do. From time to time, they recommend you something but of course not all staffs are competent. It’s also down to how you utilise their professions. Their initial reply is always so quick (as promised, within 20 minutes), sometimes they ask for patience while they look into my issues, sometimes they just come up with solution straight, depending on the severity of my issues. So far I’m very happy with them, after wasting a few months’ time with other companies.


Shyuan, HostPride Network
ServerAdminz has been my technical support provider since 2009. Since then they have been our best partner in every way. They have always taken the extra steps to be sure we understood what we were dealing with even though many of the issues were unrelated to the services we were buying.
They helped us learn to protect our business from many of the dangers on the net. Additionally I can always count on serveradminz to provide just in time services when my in house staff does not have the time or know-how.
Their excellent staff and quick response times are something you rarely find in today’s businesses. More companies should learn from their example.


Guru4Hosting , Singapore
The team was awesome! Super fast responses and great english (unlike some places).
They understood everything I needed and when we encountered some problems, they researched exactly what was needed from me to fix it.

Doing my 2nd and 3rd server hardening now!


I have used serveradminz for over one year. They offer support for servers and VPS with control panels or no control panels. They do everything I need will full support at a great price. they also offer white label support to customers so essentially they can be your IT and customer support


I have a Linux Server, but lately it goes into hang and then freezes due to disk space overload. so I paid 2 hours service with ServerAdminz and they take care of the problem for me. Now my server is running fine with a cronjob to remove all tmp files which accumulate and cause the issue in the first. Thank you ServerAdminz.


Reahu Asura, cPanel App Catalog
Contact serveradminz they are good. We have used their service in past and it was a good experience.


TimesHost Inc.
Very very good job, affordable and pro. In addition, nice people ! 5 stars with no complain at all… What else ??? :)


Lionel P, Disqus at cPanel
Amazing service and support. They worked with me all the way and responded very quick to my tickets. Highly recommended!


Djgrimey, Disqus at cPanel
ServerAdminz seems more focused on pure server management. I’d go with more focused company.


ServerAdminz – Humble, Friendly, Responsive and Knowledgeable!
Hi fellow friends,

This thread will describe a bit of my past experience with other companies in order to contrast and to credit ServerAdminz for being a superb server management company. Like anyone else would say, I regret why didn’t I try them out much earlier and saved all the hassles I’ve been through with other companies.

While I have a personal server with WiredTree, I also have a server somewhere else which is meant for small web hosting business. I’ve spent more than half a year to finally settle down with ServerAdminz, the superb server management company I called, that suits my expectations and deliver what they promised. They deserved a detailed review of mine.

I have somewhat high expectations towards the server management company that I will work with, I can be very fussy at times to ensure everything is as perfect as possible. The three most important features that I would like from a server management company are: determination (in searching a solution for a problem), friendly and won’t go MIA (missing in action) because when you go MIA that probably means you’re irresponsible. To me, friendly always come together with polite, but polite doesn’t mean it’s always friendly, I apologise if this theory of mine is weird for any of you.

I’ve worked with 4 companies in the past few months. 2 were Indian companies and 2 were American companies. Now the 5th and the final one that I would stay with, I believe is ServerAdminz. I don’t really wanna differentiate the colours. But, among the 4 companies, Proaxxs was the one company that made me wanna say, “All Americans” company doesn’t mean it’s always the best (and worst of all, I used to think that! How ashamed! But real experiences proved to me, that’s not always the case). If you use the term “all Americans”, then I think you should be sure to make Americans proud about it, not use for the sake of it. Long story short, people at Proaxxs are stubborn, irresponsible, unfriendly and arrogant, not to mention they are a bunch of people who protect each other a lot without admitting their faults. I’m sure not all of them are the same, but I do believe in “magnetic field” meaning a ****** CEO/manager will attract ****** staff.

Other than WiredTree’s staffs, I don’t think any other “American” companies can be as polite and as friendly as WiredTree’s staffs do. I can say the support quality at ServerAdminz is very near to WiredTree’s, at least for me. ServerAdminz’s CEO Anees is a friendly guy and his replies are very personal yet professional, polite and friendly. The team won’t get tired of giving you a smiley from time to time (be it canned responses or manually typed). Hey, I know a smiley doesn’t mean anything, but at least it improves the communication and not making the atmosphere tense! Their initial reply is always within 20 minutes as promised, resolution time is also reasonable. Although I can say not all staff members are as competent, some of them do provide me with recommendations/advice without having to ask. In the past, I always prefer to wait for a same staff member to fix my issue because when many staff members reply, they would actually mess up and create confusion among themselves and I need to repeat my request/problem which is very frustrating. But with ServerAdminz, you don’t have to worry about it! They work like a real team, so far they didn’t create confusion among themselves and I won’t have to repeat myself, I hope this can be a continuous practice. I used to wait for replies and resolutions for hours (or even a day) when I was with other server management companies, now I’ve settled quite a number of issues/requests in just the first few days I signed up with them 2 weeks ago (that was also during the period that they were hardening and auditing). I feel like I’m in the same timezone as theirs, really. They are responsible, when they say they will update you with the progress (specifically more time consuming tasks like hardening and auditing), they really do, unlike some companies they will just went missing until you ask for updates.

If you want a good server management company, I can vouch for ServerAdminz! Remember that “all Americans” or “American based” doesn’t mean it’s always the best. With the quality of ServerAdminz, outsourcing your support is also no longer a problem. I can honestly say I’m very much willing to even let my clients know that I’m outsourcing my support using ServerAdminz, because they really make me proud of it. I think mainly because I have the confidence to let them handle my clients.

To ServerAdminz: Apart from the above compliments, I do believe there are still room for improvements, as stated below:

Staff sometimes didn’t reply to all questions. Once in a while, they missed 1 or 2 questions in between. I think I can easily “fix” this by numbering my queries so that they won’t miss it. But I do think this can be improved at your end.
Although support staffs often come back with the reply “we have fixed the issue” in a very reasonable timeframe, I personally think staff should explain briefly what actually went wrong when they successfully fixed something, so that we can at least know what was the cause of the issue.

Thank you very much to the friendly team. Now I can sleep well at night without having to subscribe to a “Sleep Well” plan.

P/S. My client status with ServerAdminz has been verified by moderators via helpdesk.


Shyuan , HostPride Network
Had a huge server crash on Oct 28th 2014 after kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update.
Leased an AMD 6 core server with dual terabyte drives from 1&1 a little over 3yrs ago and it was time for a new server.
Took over 48hrs for hardware deployment at 1&1 and I was down for the count.
Discovered ServerAdminz listing on cpanel.net and man were they a lifesaver… Friday I finally gained access to new server and it was game on.

Server Adminz team moved fast. They managed to mount and recover lost data and exceeded my expectations.Was a painful task. 1&1 offers no software support on dedicated servers. All OS software loads are preset packages and they do not support software. However 1 & 1 is the only game in town if you need allot of horse power for a affordable price.
I am a small web hosting company with 100 hosted business accounts. In my 30yrs on the web I never had downtime.
Know for a fact if it was not for Server Adminz I would be out of business. Techs asked if I would leave a review. Like are you kidding me? Of course your the greatest and will most defiantly use Server Adminz again…


Dave Villiings, Air America
I’m with ServerAdminz (https://www.serveradminz.com) since 3 months and I’m completely satisfied.
In the last years I tried at least 6 different server management services and ServerAdminz is currently the only that completely met my needs.
Furthermore, the guys at ServerAdminz are really friendly, and they seem friends more than merely consultants. This is very important for me.
I’m on a dedicated server, working on a cPanel box. ServerAdminz helped me for complex and easy issues. If an issue is not immediately solved, it is automatically escalated to a more skilled consultant without the need of asking.
Ticket response time was never > than 5/10 minutes.

Once I had to rebuild the machine from scratch, the patiently followed the job step-by-step, providing me with precious advices and suggestions. The job was successfully completed without problems thanks to ServerAdminz.
Despite our time-zone is different of about 5 hrs, I never had problems: this mean that their service is a true 24/24.
It’s absolutely clear that they love their job!
Really impressed with ServerAdminz service. They are providing an excellent support. I strongly recommend them.


I know very little about servers, let alone try to set one up. With the help from the team of ServerAdminz it was a walk in the park for me. They had my two servers set up/configured in a day. Almost anything I asked them to do they were able to accomplish. They configured my new 2012 Microsoft servers, installed custom software, customized users browser, customized users Desktop and set up all my existing users.

As a bonus, I now know the difference between a domain controller server and a terminal server and why I need both.

Don’t hesitate to hire them if you need to set up a new server or need help with your existing server(s). I wish I have of found them several years ago!


Debbie Green, cPanel App Catalog
So far I haven’t really asked for something more complicated (though different individuals define “complicated” differently). But all my requests (more than 15) were all fulfilled with satisfactory. I’m not sure if “scaling webserver and database” is considered complicated for ServerAdminz to do, you probably need to be more specific with your requirements for those companies to measure the complexity. One good thing about ServerAdminz is, they escalate tickets to more senior colleagues when they can’t do it, to ensure your requests are fulfilled.

Why not you directly ask those companies if they can do the specific scaling for you? Like I mentioned in my review, I love them because they are determined, friendly and responsible. Experiences should be another story


Shyuan, HostPride Network
I love you guys!! The best solutions in the world !!! :)

Respect !


Ales McGregor, Disqus at cPanel
I’ve used Serveradminz several times and they’ve been great. Good english to boot.


I more than get my moneys worth as a idiot when it comes to server management. Their patience with me is beyond what what I could ever expect. They are great!!


Tom Henderson, Disqus at cPanel
I have used server adminz for server setup previously and they have been quick and easy to deal with.


ALN Direct Jacksonville, Florida
After researching a few outsourced support providers, we came to the conclusion that ServerAdminz would be the right team for us. This conclusion was ultimately proven to be correct.

Not only have ServerAdminz been professional in all of their handling with us, but they have been remarkably fast and persistent in making sure that an issue in resolved. If they do not know a solution, their techs go out of their way to research and work on issues for endless hours until it is resolved. You cannot get more for your money.

We initially signed up for a server setup agreement which included hardening. The work was quick and stunning. We got everything setup as we desired and all requests were fulfilled in good time. Their technical support members were very pleasing and polite to work with. In fact, all of them spoke very good English, which made things much easier for us.

Actually to tell you the truth, we got more than what we paid for, and that is why we give them five stars. Because in all honesty, these guys could have demanded more for the service they provided because of nitty little issues that were very hard to solve and had Level III experts on the job much longer than they would have wished. But they stuck through their end of the bargain, remained very professional and gave us the best service any new up and coming hosting business could ever hope for.

We are now signed up with them on a monthly plan they call Shared Hosting Support. And we are very happy to have chosen ServerAdminz.

You cannot go wrong when picking this company.


Samuel Lison, cPanel App Catalog
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the ServerAdminz team for the wonderful and professional service you have extended to us. Our commission with your firm, took a little longer than expected to complete but the job was handled very well and we are very pleased with the result.
I will definitely engage your services again in the future and will recommend you to our friends and colleagues.


Stelios Aristidou
This is my first time working with a provider that handles or infraestructure. Honestly, the comparison between providers was easy. Server Adminz have a truly differentiated pricing that can meet your needs. Now that we started working with them, it has just been easy. They seem to understand what is needed to do without to many instructions and they deliver fast. I can really feel that I can rest without worring to much. They are making my life easier..


Sometimes I find this really is down to luck and clearly setting out your expectations.

I’ve used ServerAdminz before and was really clear about what I needed and what I expected, I didn’t have any trouble/sleepless nights. Some other companies I’ve used didn’t really listen and it caused some major issues.


Server Adminz is a great solution for any task where you don’t feel comfortable making server changes.

Had SA check out server.air-america for config updates and security holes. Always a good idea to get a second opinion!

Many thanks


Dave Villiings, Air America
Firstly sorry my poor english.
Some vps dns problem I talk Server Adminz and he said firstly check and I asked whats your price he said if its simple no money and I was suprised.He is very friendly.
And he fixed my problem very very thank you.Strongly recomended
I wish to work in different projects in the future


For client end user support and server support you can use a company called Server Adminz which is $99 per server starting out. They will monitor your sever and helpdesk as well.


Inode Hosting
Best and Fastest tech support I ever had, great team. Very happy so far and my sites are loading much quicker now.They have helped me with my first website. They are great ! Recommended !


Anu Prakash, cPanel App
ServersAdminz provided a great deal of support and sanitation efforts over more than 48 hours for more than 70 websites we had infected on a server. Great speed and agility, I definitely recommend them in any server management and security audit scenario.


Valentin Vesa, Disqus at cPanel
Someone hacked our server and changed the root password. ServerAdminz responded very quickly and profesionally to our request for help and as a result we are now signed up to one of their support packages!!


Price Twa, Disqus at cPanel
After a few months of disaster with a few companies, i now found serveradminz.com, i can only say wow for their performance and friendliness. I will stick with them and will not change at least in short term. Bobcares is too popular to go with, i talked with them before but they are very inconsistent probably because they have way too many staff, unlike serveradminz.com they work like a real team that communicate among each other most of the time. Should try them out if any of you want to hire a server management company, they have a 50% coupon on WHT, but i am currently with custom plan so i cannot make use of that discount. The money I paid is worth paying. They owned by Indian IT company as well (but they have American staff), but they are really a lot better than those so called “all American” company e.g. proaxxs (the worst I’ve ever found and experienced).


It is a pleasure to work with a team like ServerAdminz, understandably sometimes can not give the answer immediately but always completely effective!

At other times their answers are in minutes.Definitely recommend the services of ServerAdminz is a five star service.


Arturo Cerpa, Disqus at cPanel
After trying different tech’s for over a couple of months these guys came through for me in the end and got my home server setup and running and I couldn’t rate them high enough for their help. I’ll continue to use their services.


John Boom, Disqus at cPanel
we love these guys,
they are the real deal


John, Eagleformations
ServerAdminz has a great support, they have responded quickly and profesionally to our request and have fixed our server security problems.


Manuel, Disqus at cPanel
Fantastic Folks! Helped us with quite a large migration.


Tanner, Disqus at cPanel
Hi all,
Please let me share my experience with serveradminz.com,

I had a big problem on my server ( hacking attack ), The Data Center suggest for me serveradminz to look at my problem, the problem, the server load was going more than 100% and the server was infected with viruses and maleware, so i have nothing to do, i contacted serveradminz, and there was the surprise, really i can’t tell you what they did for me and how they fix all my problems, really these people are experts, they did every thing, i even did not say what is my problem, they know there job well, and you will not find people like them on the www, after they solve the problems now they are monitoring my server so i can sleep well these days, before i know serveradminz i never slept well i always think about the server, now the live is easy,

Thank you serveradminz team for your help,

Finally i just want to tell everybody that these people never look for money all what they charge is very cheep regarding the job they do.


Khodor Zahra
Someone hacked our server and changed the root password. ServerAdminz responded very quickly and profesionally to our request for help and as a result we are now signed up to one of their support packages!!


Price Twa, Disqus at cPanel
ServerAdminz is incredibly effective! It’s been few years now that we are part of web industry and we have never seen a customer service such as ServerAdminz ! They keep you tightly informed of your ticket status and they act very quickly!
I recommend Server Adminz to all those who wish to entrust their advanced server management to an outstanding team!


Jean Philippe Charbonneau, Disqus at cPanel
Great guys, my issue wasn’t the hardest and more so a lack of effort on my part however they resolved my problem. I would recommend them if you need fast support.
Mike A , Extravm
Sounds like a generous thing of them to do! They seem to be getting a lot of good reviews lately which is always good.


Onra Host
Engage with them once, server adminz speak English and are very fast and good to answer

I’ve personally used http://www.platinumservermanagement.com/ before and have had no issues. Also, https://www.serveradminz.com/ (They have a 50% off coupon in the offers section) is great. We’ve used them multiple times (contact their sales first to make sure they are not backlogged, if your migration is a whole lot of accounts)


Start small and scale bigger if you need to. Try serveradminz for managed VPS support and they can further help you. When you feel that you no longer need managed support you can cancel. Or if you plan to stay mention me for a monthly discount.


Today I want to talk about serveradminz.com support service.I experienced issues on a migrated website, I bought them one hour of hourly server administration, opened a ticket, and they solved my problem with professionalism and competence.
I recommend their service to everybody. If you experience an issue with your vps or server, call them and you will be satisfied.


I would recommend Serveradminz or Bobcares. I have worked with both in the past and both have delivered on there promises. There is not much any host would be able to help you with until and unless they have access to it


Sumanth, www.cloudcandyhost.com
There’s a 3rd party company that’s incredibly efficient called ServerAdminz. For a fairly reasonable fee, they’ll migrate everything for you, but I don’t know if they can access the database from GoDaddy as they normally would in a VPS or dedicated server.

Thank you so much for your help. It is so greatly appreciated. Your staff was very responsive, great at troubleshooting and fast to fix the problem.

Tyller Miller, EdgeServ
Serveradminz I can assure you are a bone fide company, we’ve been using them for over 2 years.

North Hosts
We have been using server adminz and they have been great. They offer 15 minute response times and customers love it.

ServerAdminz is pretty much one of the best. they’re quite cost effective too..

ServerAdminz solve an atipical characterset problem at one of my cpanel servers. Fast and profesional. I found a new support provider for my webhosting company :)


Marco Montero
It’s not the hardest thing on earth and I would recommend rather going that route if you are planning on growing. Also, if you do go that route look at getting support from an international company. I used server adminz in the beginning and they helped tremendously with little issues and fine tuning the servers.


Just to let you know that I have a managed server with my DC. Few months back on one server my primary HDD was crashed and we had to reload the OS to new HDD. We tried to mount the old HDD /home partition later but the DC management team was failed to Do so. Hat’s off to ServerAdminz Guys, they just not mounted the partition but they had restored all the files including databases and all to my new HDD. In short my experience with them was too good. Honestly I had no experience with bobcares.


Timeshost Inc