All most all flavours of Linux/Unix and Windows are supported by us.

You can escalate your issues by opening ticket at Escalation Department or by sending an email to escalations@serveradminz.com

You can submit your concerns and complaints by opening ticket at Quality Assurance Department or by sending email to qa@serveradminz.com


We support almost all control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Helm, WebMin, Kloxo, InterWorx and SolusVM with Xen and OpenVZ virtualization.

The following services are monitored : Root Partition, Total Processes, Server Load, CSF, Free Space, MYSQL, Mail Queue, ServerTime, HTTP, Zombie Processes, Clam, FTP, IMAP, SSH, SSMTP, PING, Swap Usage.

In Server Audit, we will perform Enterprise Server Hardening and provide you a detailed Audit report about your server. The report include present condition of your server, the steps that we have done and the changes that we have made to tweak and secure your server.

The difference is basically in experience and skill set. L1 technicians have 0-1 years of experience, while L2 technicians have 2-4 years of experience. L3 technicians have 5+ years of experience.

We monitor your server’s various services like apache, DNS, mail, ftp, pop3, server load and free disk space 24/7 using Opensource monitoring tools. Since we are “proactively” monitoring the resources and working tirelessly to make sure that services stay online 24/7, you might notice that our technicians have already been taken care of any issue even before you start checking about an alert.

Resolution Time is the total time taken to resolve a ticket, starting from the time it was opened. In most cases, our technicians are able to maintain a resolution time of 6 hours. However some cases will require more time than usual, like migration, data restoration, malware scan etc.

Response time is the maximum amount of time taken for a technician to reply to a ticket tagged ‘New’ / ‘Customer Reply’. We offer a guaranteed response time of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the support plans.

Yes. We provide free phone support with dedicated support plans. You can also purchase Phone Packs from the url https://www.serveradminz.com/phone-support/

With ServerAdminz, you can authorize us to have a senior technician call your customer on your behalf for resolution of their high priority or complex issues. Speaking from our experience, most tickets that go wayward and result in bad review from your client on Internet Forums can be avoided very easily with a direct conversation and proper analysis of the issue they are stuck with.

ServerAdminz privilege club is our way of expressing gratitude towards our Dedicated Customers. As a member they will get exclusive privileges and special offers as following.

    1. Support is just a local call away: We will assign a dedicated online number to your team so that you can get in touch with your team using mobile or landlines.

    2. Dedicated Skype rooms – Admins who are assigned for a dedicated client will have their own Skype logins, and a Skype room will be created to facilitate discussion and common chat.

    3. Admins currently working in the shift will be online in the room – It will be made mandatory that all admins are available in Skype during their work hours.

    4. You and your representatives are added in the skype room for checking the activities and interact directly with the admins currently working in their shift. The admins will update the ticket ids / server on which they are currently working.

    5. Instead of contacting common skype chat room, you will get the ability to talk or chat directly with their techs working in your helpdesk. However, we will appreciate if discussion is mostly done in chat room itself, so that other techs (to follow in next shift) can read through the discussion.

    6. You can check which all admins are working in your shift and can assign tasks and tickets directly to their techs

    7. Apart from dedicated admin, we will be assigning 4 SLA and Monitoring shared admins (one in each shift).

    8. SLA admin will ensure that SLA is being met for all tickets. You will no longer find any tickets lying open without even an initial response. Some SLA admins can even handle level 1 issues.

    9. Monitoring admins will proactively monitor the servers and services using monitoring tools (like nagios).

    10. One Quality Analyst is assigned for checking the quality of work. You will be able to contact QA for any quality-related issues.

    11. Weekly meeting with Shift Managers and Team Members

    12 If required we will provide on-site admin who will work from your office as your full time employee or visit your office in case of emergencies.

Yes. You need to purchase Server Monitoring and Response Plan along with Shared Support Plans-Server/VPS/Node and Per-Ticket Plan if you need to add server monitoring service. But it is free with Dedicated Support Plan, Data Center Support Plan, Semi-Dedicated Support Plan and Dedicated Technical Staff Plan

You will need to purchase minimum 4 techs for covering 24/7/365. One tech will cover 8 hours a day, with 2 off days per week. We strongly recommend to purchase one additional backup tech for handling peak hours, critical situations and medical emergencies of your techs.

We support all card payments though the following payment gateways

  • PayPal
  • Bank/Wire Transfer (Most Preferred)
  • 2CheckOut (Less Preferred)

Customers holding plans above USD 1,000 are strongly recommended to use Bank/Wire Transfer inorder to avoid payment gateway charges

Our Support Department works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We are available on all holidays.

You need to open a ticket at sales@serveradminz.com with your server details inorder to setup your account with us. Also quote your order reference number.

ServerAdminz has setup a highly secured infrastructure with the help of modern hardware and software applications which provides you a highly secured platform. Entry to ServerAdminz premises is restricted using biometric access control. Facility is under video surveillance 24×7. Moreover the client information are stored in the internal KB server which can be accessed only from private network.

No, there are no hidden charges or term contracts. You can either continue or cancel after first month itself.

No. All server support plans has zero setup fee.

Our first language is English but we support almost all languages using translator.

In Semi Dedicated Plan, our support staffs are shared between two to three customers which help you to gain higher efficiency with lower cost. You will get to work with the same team of techs every day, with guaranteed response times, and level 3 support.

In Shared Plan our support staffs will be working for multiple clients at the same time. Our staff are highly experienced and with efficient work environment, we are able to handle high volume of tickets and chats simultaneously.

Cancellation has to be made by emailing sales for authorization purpose and not by informing it on live chat or skype. Although no notice is required, and there is no cancellation fee, you reserve the right to cancel the service for any reason with prior notice of 30 days.

ServerAdminz offers a satisfaction guarantee on our server management and monitoring services. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 5 technical support requests or first 7 days of using our service (whichever comes first) from the date of your signup, you will be given a 100% refund of the amount paid.

If any ticket exceeds Service Provider SLA, a prorated refund upon request will be given and determined based on the amount of tickets customer submitted within the last 30 days. Requests for a SLA refund must be reported within 30 days of the date that the SLA was exceeded by opening a Feedback ticket. Under no circumstances can the refund exceed the amount paid for the service.
For example, If the customer opens 100 tickets a month and the monthly service fee is USD 1756, then the price of one ticket is estimated as USD 1756/100 = USD 17.56. So if SLA violation is reported for 10 tickets, ServerAdminz will refund an amount of USD 175.60
Refunds of any kind for any reason may take up to 10 days from the time the refund is requested or offered for processing.

ServerAdminz Limited is incorporated in United Kingdom. Our parent company, HashRoot Technologies (P) Limited is registered in India and United Kingdom. We have registered office in Surrey, UK and sales office in Shoreditch, London. Our staffs are working from our Project Office which is based in Kochi, India.

ServerAdminz is the flagship brand of HashRoot Technologies (P) Ltd.

We have been in Server management industry since 2007

As of May 2016, we have 124 full time employees.

Our employees are graduates in computer science or IT related fields. In addition to graduation many hold professional certifications like RHCE, RHCSA, CEH, AWSCSA, AWSCDE, MCSE, MCITP, CCNP, CCVP etc

1. ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System
2. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information Security Management System

Yes, We are happy to welcome you to visit our company anytime to check our infrastructure and meet our team members. Our Customer Relationship Team will arrange your stay during your visit in our own Infopark Guest House.