Network Operations Center Services

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is centric place where the administrators manage, monitor and maintain the networks of large enterprises. Having a Network Operations Center, it acts as a workstation to monitor the network status and through necessary software we manage it. This is the point at which we monitor Network, Server, Application and Website.

There’s no network, server, application or web site, which ServerAdminz can’t monitor. Your critical devices or network systems or even an IT work which are complex as your global enterprise will be managed by us. We specialize in monitoring, managing and maintaining the IT systems, which boost your business. We also manage and operate the entire platform, freeing your staff to focus on running your business.

NOCAdminz  from  ServerAdminz  offers  24×7  NOC  Management  from  dedicated  engineers  and  provide  hourly   management  for  project  works  to  increase  the  margin  and  thereby  allowing  your  internal  team  to  focus  on   business  strategic  and  consumer  activities.  Our  State of the art  Network  Operations  Center  (NOC)  is  staffed   round  the  clock  by  technology  experts.  We  build  with  world class  Network  Operations  Center,  providing   unmatched  technical  support  and  expertise  to  ensure  safety,  security,  consistency  and  quality,  no  matter  where   your  services  are  deployed.

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NOCAdminz Monitoring Services

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NOCadminz drives you to achieve maximum uptime

At ServerAdminz, we don’t believe there are better value for Network monitoring, Server monitoring, Application monitoring and Website monitoring in the industry. Our expert NOC techs are very good enough to meet the competency. We have invested in redundant NOC facilities, that not only ensures operational efficiencies, but also ensures network uptime for our customers.

NOCadminz Skill Set

Our NOC technicians have extensive experience in NOC Management. We build with world-class Network Operations Center, providing unmatched technical support and expertise, 24*7*365. We handle 95% of routine tickets, and release your business pressure, freeing you from IT infrastructure investments and labor related costs and helps to achieve business objective, focusing on revenue-producing projects.

Next Generation NOC Service

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Our  NOC  technicians  have  extensive  experience  in  NOC  Management.  We   build  with  world class  Network  Operations  Center,  providing  unmatched   technical  support  and  expertise,  24/7/365.  We  handle  100%  of  routine   tickets  and  release  you  from  technical  headaches  and  thereby    freeing  you   from  IT  infrastructure  investments  and  labor  related  costs  and  helps  to   achieve  business  objective  and  focusing  on  revenue producing  projects

  • Focus  your  skilled  team  on  strategic,   customer  facing  business  problems
  • Flexibility  to  add  in  and  out  devices  as   your  technical  environment  changes
  • Deliver  services  using  your  current   remote  monitoring  and  PSA/Ticketing   tools
  • Provides  performance  visibility  of  your   entire  IT  infrastructure  and  improves   availability  of  your  IT  systems

NOCAdminz Features And Benefits