• Basic Server Hardening
  • $49/server
  • Check Server Security
    CHKRootKit : Detects hacker software and notifies via email
    RootKit Hunter : A tool which scans for backdoors and malicious softwares present in the server.
    APF or CSF : A policy based iptables firewall system used for the easy configuration of iptables rules.
  • SSH Securing : For a better security of ssh connections.
  • Host.conf Hardening : Prevents IP spoofing and dns poisoning
  • Sysctl.conf Hardening : Prevents syn-flood attacks and other network abuses.
  • FTP Hardening : Secure FTP software by upgrading to latest version
  • TMP Hardening : Hardening /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm for preventing the execution of malicious scripts and codes.
  • PHP Tightening : Tweak PHP by changing the parameters of php configuration for better security and performance.
  • PHP Upgrade : Compile PHP to its latest stable version which increases server security.
  • Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection : Protection against Telnet/SSH users using all of the server resources and causing a system crash.
  • Update Control Panel to latest version
  • Install Logwatch for investigating any suspicious activity on the server
  • Turn off unused services and daemons
  • Disabling Chargen to stop the server from being misused by an attacker in their efforts to disrupt another server.
  • Symlink Protection
  • Kernel Hardening
  • Crontab Hardening
  • MySQL Hardening