ServerAdminz privilege club is our way of expressing gratitude towards our Dedicated Customers. As a member they will get exclusive privileges and special offers as following.

    1. Support is just a local call away: We will assign a dedicated online number to your team so that you can get in touch with your team using mobile or landlines.

    2. Dedicated Skype rooms – Admins who are assigned for a dedicated client will have their own Skype logins, and a Skype room will be created to facilitate discussion and common chat.

    3. Admins currently working in the shift will be online in the room – It will be made mandatory that all admins are available in Skype during their work hours.

    4. You and your representatives are added in the skype room for checking the activities and interact directly with the admins currently working in their shift. The admins will update the ticket ids / server on which they are currently working.

    5. Instead of contacting common skype chat room, you will get the ability to talk or chat directly with their techs working in your helpdesk. However, we will appreciate if discussion is mostly done in chat room itself, so that other techs (to follow in next shift) can read through the discussion.

    6. You can check which all admins are working in your shift and can assign tasks and tickets directly to their techs

    7. Apart from dedicated admin, we will be assigning 4 SLA and Monitoring shared admins (one in each shift).

    8. SLA admin will ensure that SLA is being met for all tickets. You will no longer find any tickets lying open without even an initial response. Some SLA admins can even handle level 1 issues.

    9. Monitoring admins will proactively monitor the servers and services using monitoring tools (like nagios).

    10. One Quality Analyst is assigned for checking the quality of work. You will be able to contact QA for any quality-related issues.

    11. Weekly meeting with Shift Managers and Team Members

    12 If required we will provide on-site admin who will work from your office as your full time employee or visit your office in case of emergencies.