In this blog, I’m explaining the configuration of Hardware Raid level 1(min: two disks needed) in LSI MegaRAID SAS controller 9260-4i. After rebooting the server, during POST press Ctrl+ H to enter into Web Bios utility. This will list all disks that are connected to the controller.

We are going to create a New Virtual drive (VD) with the RAID level 1. Enter into “Configuration Wizard” and select “New Configuration” and then “Manual Configuration”. In next box, we need to add these 2x 2 TB SSD’s disks into one drive group(Drive Group0) to configure it as RAID 1.

# Add these 2 drives to the Drive Group0 by clicking “Add to Array” and at last click “Accept DG”.

# Add these Drive Group0 to the span.

# In the Virtual Drive Definition box, select RAID 1 and click “Accept”. You can change the Strip Size, Write policy and Drive Cache if needed.

Save and set the newly created Virtual Drive (VD0) as boot drive by clicking “Set boot Drive” in order to boot from this VD. Clicking “Home” you can see the disks that are configured as RAID 1.

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