2103, 2019

Benefits Of CloudLinux

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Nowadays we know that almost all servers have been migrated from different OS to Cloudlinux because of its advantages. CloudLinux OS is the outstanding platform which increases the server security, efficiency, and stability by [...]

2502, 2019

Introduction To Docker

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Docker System Docker is a Containerization software. It is an application used to run various processes and softwares in a container. A Container is a package of various components and its dependencies in an [...]

1302, 2019

What are the steps to update the firmware of an IPMI?

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What Is IPMI? The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) provides remote access to multiple users from different locations. It also allows a system administrator to monitor system health and manage computer events from a [...]

702, 2019

How To Perform JavaScript Testing Using Jest?

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Usually, JavaScript Unit tests are run in the frontend or on the browser. Here, some javascript code is written for testing and this can be done for a specific module in an application or [...]

402, 2019

Installation Of Arch Linux Using Software RAID

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Arch Linux is a general-purpose Linux distribution for x86-64 computers and is very popular among the intermediate and advanced Linux users. It is free and open-source software. In this blog, we will check out [...]

1601, 2019

Bad Magic Number In Superblock

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The Server will go down due to issues in disks attached. Sometimes fsck in disks ends up in an error "Bad magic number in Superblock while trying to open /dev/sdb". What do you mean by [...]

2012, 2018

What are the top five features of Ubuntu 18.04 ?

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Earlier this year canonical released the most awaited Ubuntu 18.04 with long-term support for five years. Here are the top five features of the brand new Ubuntu 18.04. 1. Welcome back gnome Canonical made [...]

1812, 2018

What are the features of DRBD ?

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Its called conveyed duplicated block device. It is an open source arrangement that gives a high availability, efficient, distributed stockpiling framework for bunch environment. The replication is obvious to different applications on the host [...]

1012, 2018

How to setup multiple shared IP’s in cPanel Server ?

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There are several reasons why a single server needs multiple shared IPs. Some reasons may include grouping accounts per IP or if the traffic block to a particular interface is required, reduce the effect [...]

612, 2018

How to install wp-cli on a server ?

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WP-CLI is a command line tool for interacting with and managing WordPress sites. WP-CLI is very similar in functionality to what drush provides Drupal. The current stable release is version 2.0.1. For announcements, follow [...]

2611, 2018

How to configure static IP on ubuntu 18.04 server ?

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Static IP Configuration On Ubuntu 18.04 Server We know the configuration of IP on Ubuntu 18.04 is different from other. Ubuntu versions like Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 16 etc. The manner by which Ubuntu oversees [...]

2311, 2018

What are the features of TCAdmin 2 ?

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TCAdmin 2 is similar to other control panels like cPanel. However, it deals with game hosting, unlike web hosting. It is a strong panel for users to manage their servers. TCAdmin 2 has so [...]

2011, 2018

What are the features of ZFS?

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The Z file system is a free and open source logical volume administrator worked by Sun Microsystems which is now possessed by Oracle, for use in their Solaris operating system. It is a progressive [...]

1611, 2018

How to install Splunk?

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Splunk is robust and integrated software for real-time log management to collect, store, search, diagnose and report any logs. By using Splunk we can gather, store, record, seek, correlate, imagine, investigate and report any [...]

1511, 2018

What is Amazon Cloudwatch ?

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It monitors the Amazon web service resources and also monitors the application which is running in the AWS. It also uses cloud metrics. It is a variable which will measure your resources and applications [...]

711, 2018

What is Apache CloudStack?

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As we all know already, cloud computing has become an important part for many companies today. What I am going to discuss here is a well-known open source cloud computing software called Apache CloudStack. [...]

2910, 2018

What are the popular devOps tools used in industry ?

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DevOps is not a tool nor a software, It is a software development strategy which connects the Dev (Development) and the Ops(Operation) sides of a company. Here I am going to introduce five popular [...]

2310, 2018

Getting started with WIRESHARK

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Network tracing applications provide real-time routing information & help you in identifying any errors or issues encountered with your servers such as timeouts and blocked UDP or TCP packets. Tracing will specifically show the latency information for a packet to get [...]

1810, 2018

HashRoot Exhibited In GITEX Technology Week 2018, Dubai

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HashRoot, a preferred Managed Service Provider specialized in providing Infrastructure Management for Server, Cloud and Security Services to data centers, ISPs, and web hosting companies around the world participated in GITEX Technology Week 2018 held [...]

1510, 2018

What are the top features of windows server 2016 ?

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Windows Server 2016 is the most recent released server working framework created by Microsoft and is the successor of Windows Server 2012. In windows server 2016 Microsoft has introduced a wide range of new [...]

410, 2018

What is FreeIPA and how to install and configure FreeIPA?

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FreeIPA is a kind of directory service, which is mainly used to keep the user information such as login rights and other privileges. It is an integrated security information management solution that can handle [...]

1309, 2018

What is self-healing nagios servers ?

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Self-healing Nagios Servers In an administrator perspective, a system repair is a tedious work because a server can be down any time, even at night. It takes some time to repair and bring the [...]

1209, 2018

How to troubleshoot the error “Unable to create to API tokens for resellers accounts ” ?

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Can’t able to create API tokens for resellers Accounts We as a whole realize that an API Token is a novel identifier of an application programming which requires service/cPanel access. The token produced can [...]

709, 2018

What are the best Linux Distros for gaming ?

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Linux can be utilized for everything, counting gaming. When it comes to Linux gaming and distros, you've got numerous choices to select from. We hand-picked and tested all distros and as it was included [...]

609, 2018

How to setup Jenkins on AWS ?

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Jenkins setup on AWS Jenkins is a Continuous Integration (CI) apparatus or server which is composed in java language. Jenkins gave continuous integration administrations to programming improvement, which can be begun by means of web [...]