How to setup multiple shared IP’s in cPanel Server ?

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How to configure static IP on ubuntu 18.04 server ?

Static IP Configuration On Ubuntu 18.04 Server We know [...]

What are the features of ZFS?

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How to troubleshoot the error “Unable to create to API tokens for resellers accounts ” ?

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What are the best five command-line email clients for Linux ?

There are different approaches to send messages from the [...]

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How to display website URL without file extension ?

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By |2018-07-27T11:16:34+05:30July 27, 2018|Apache, commands, CPanel, HomeURL, Hosting, Webhosting|0 Comments

Why No new Logging entry are writing to Cpanel logs entry such as error log , access log, lfd ?

In certain case, we face an odd issue in [...]

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