22 05, 2019

Features Of ES8

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ECMAScript (ES) is a language specification which is created to standardize JavaScript. ES8 is the eighth version of the JavaScript language specification and is released in 2017. It is also known as ES2017. It is created to offer new features and new ways of working with JavaScript. Features String padding Two functions are using [...]

13 09, 2018

What is self-healing nagios servers ?

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Self-healing Nagios Servers In an administrator perspective, a system repair is a tedious work because a server can be down any time, even at night. It takes some time to repair and bring the server back online. Therefore, a self-healing server is needed to decrease the workload of a system administrator. Nagios is open [...]

7 09, 2018

What are the best Linux Distros for gaming ?

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Linux can be utilized for everything, counting gaming. When it comes to Linux gaming and distros, you've got numerous choices to select from. We hand-picked and tested all distros and as it was included the leading ones. All with a detailed outline, least prerequisites, and screenshots. Gaming in Linux has advanced a parcel within [...]

30 07, 2018

How to get free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt ?

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Security and privacy are even more important, and more and more are choosing to encrypt their website traffic using SSL certificates. Nowadays it is very easy for our shared, semi-dedicated and reseller hosting servers as it provides access to free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates straight from within cPanel in the most user-friendly way. In [...]

18 07, 2018

How to create FTP account in Plesk ?

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FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is a method to transfer the files on the internet. FTP account consists of a unique username and password which allows users to access the files of a website to an FTP server. Default port number of FTP which is 21, is reserved for TCP/IP networking to control the FTP server [...]

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