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30 08, 2010

How to configure Subversion + Apache [] in CPanel

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It is very easy to setup a subversion repository and access it via browser as I found out recently from my own experience. The below case was on a Cpanel server, but you can follow the same method (with some tweaks, of course) on any subversion + apache environment as long as you have the [...]

24 08, 2010

Timezone Setup – NTP

By |August 24th, 2010|Issues, linux|1 Comment

Create a symlink to file localtime: # ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/EST /etc/localtime #date [bash]# chkconfig --level 2345 ntpd on [bash]# /etc/init.d/ntpd restart [bash]# chkconfig --list ntpd To see if the service started successfully, you should check the system log file. [bash]# grep ntpd /var/log/messages [bash]# ntpq -pn For correct synchronization, the delay and offset values should be non-zero and the jitter [...]

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