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30 12, 2010

6 Alternative Ubuntu Desktops Worth Trying (PC World)

By |December 30th, 2010|Technology|0 Comments

If you use Ubuntu, you're almost certainly familiar with GNOME, the default desktop environment that comes with it. You may have also heard that the next Ubuntu version--Natty Narwhal, version 11.04--will use the 3D-enabled Unity desktop by default instead, along with the Wayland graphics system. Unity is still based on GNOME, so it won't affect [...]

30 12, 2010

How You Know When Its Time to Switch to Linux (PC World)

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It's easy to be content with your computer installation as long as it keeps doing what you want it to without too much trouble. When frequent problems arise, however, it's hard to remain faithful for long. The majority of the computing world "grows up" on Windows, of course, since Microsoft's operating system still holds by [...]

29 12, 2010

Mozilla Site Exposed Encrypted Passwords (PC World)

By |December 29th, 2010|Technology|0 Comments

A database of inactive Mozilla usernames and passwords was exposed on the Internet earlier this month, the Mozilla Foundation disclosed on Tuesday. The database, which contained 44,000 inactive user accounts for the site, was inadvertently placed on a public-facing Web server, wrote Chris Lyon, the Mozilla director of infrastructure security, in a blog posting. [...]

28 12, 2010

Putin Orders Russian Gov’t to Move to Open Source (PC World)

By |December 28th, 2010|Technology|0 Comments

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin [cq] has ordered government agencies there to open-source software by 2015, according to translated documents. Putin's order, signed this month, follows news reports from October saying the Russian government was planning to drop Microsoft products in favor of a national open-source operating system based on Linux. The transition to open-source, [...]

28 12, 2010

Mozilla Exposes Add-On Developer User Data (PC Magazine)

By |December 28th, 2010|Technology|1 Comment

User data from registered developers of Mozilla add-ons was temporarily exposed by a mistake on a Mozilla server. Mozilla has disabled those users' accounts until they reset their passwords. As a registered user, I received an e-mail last night from Chris Lyon, director of infrastructure security at Mozilla, informing me of the breach. It occurred [...]

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