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28 12, 2012

MySQL- basic commands in Mysql

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To login from unix shell. [mysql dir]/bin/mysql -h hostname -u root -p *Note: use -h only if needed. Create, List, Use and Delete Databases Commands create database This command is used to create a Database on the sql server.. Syntax: create [db name]; Eg: create employees; show databases This command id used to list all [...]

22 12, 2012


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Exim ===== Conf : /etc/exim.conf - exim main configuration file /etc/localdomains - list of domains allowed to relay mail Log : /var/log/exim_mainlog - incoming/outgoing mails are logged here /var/log/exim_rejectlog - exim rejected mails are reported here /var/log/exim_paniclog - exim errors are logged here Mail queue: /var/spool/exim/input Cpanel script to restart exim - /scripts/restartsrv_exim Email forwarders [...]

30 11, 2012


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Installing CSF---config-server-firewall Downloading the Packages --------------->wget --------------->tar zxvf csf.tgz --------------->cd csf This is where the paths diverge: cPanel server, or non-cPanel server. --------------->./ If you are running a non-cpanel redhat server: --------------->./ ---------------> /etc/init.d/csf restart First run following command that you have all the required iptables modules available for running CSF full. Don’t worry [...]

30 11, 2012

Gstreamer-ffmpeg Packages for rhel

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1. Download the latest atrpms-repo rpm from 2. Install atrpms-repo rpm: # rpm -Uvh atrpms-repo*rpm 3. Install gstreamer-ffmpeg rpm package: # yum install gstreamer-ffmpeg [fusion] name=fusion baseurl= enabled=1 gpgcheck=0 [atrpms] name=atrpms baseurl= enabled=1 gpgcheck=0  

27 11, 2012

Creating a Certificate Authority OR Self Signing

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To create the private Certificate Authority we could make one as below.. How the whole thing works 1.First create Certificate Authority with needed credentials as per needed certificate details.To sign a certificate signing request the authority must have a certificate with same credentials as that of certificate signing request . so after configuring /etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf with [...]

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