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26 10, 2012

Kerberose authentication in rhel

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Kerberose authentication To use kerberose authentication we need to set up server with all the needed principle and their passwords.and we must configure the client to use the proper kerberpse server as needed. Server Configuration IP: IP: Packages needed are yum install -y krb5-server yum install -y krb5-libs yum install -y readline-devel vim [...]

23 10, 2012

NIS server-client configuration

By |October 23rd, 2012|linux, rhel|0 Comments

NIS Network Information System is one of the centralized way to use the user through-out the network. At Server Install the nis server package ----->yum install -y ypserv Add the needed users ,make sure that u give an uid that is normally not used ..go for 5000 + uids here i will be using ids [...]

22 10, 2012

More about DNS and Security in Zone sharing

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More about DNS Bogus servers which give wrong information can be blocked or to make our server not to accept any information from them server IP {bogus yes ;}; we can also create blackhole in dns where the server will not even acknowledge the other ip blackhole {ips;}; version bind this can be used to [...]

22 10, 2012

DNS Master Slave Configuration

By |October 22nd, 2012|linux, rhel|0 Comments

1.Master and slave configuration 2.acl setting 3.view setting For making the Dns a Master dns server we give the type master and for making that slave we give type slaves. And by defaults in slaves the files will be copied from master to slaves defautl /var/named/slaves/ directory.   Acl setting acl setting is used to [...]

19 10, 2012

Setting sendmail as default

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alternatives --display mta yum install sendmail service postfix stop chkconfig postfix off vim /etc/mail/ disable the line starting with DEAMON like below dnl # DEAMON make -C /etc/mail alternatives --set Mta /usr/sbin/sendmail service sendmail start service sendmail restart chkconfig sendmail on

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