Shared Hosting Vs SSD Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting

shared hosting : shared hosting and ssd cloud hosting differences

Shared hosting is a type of hosting particularly the term shared refers to share the hosting for loading our websites but in this case we want to wait for loading websites i.e., usually we can see it as a queue.

Mostly the shared hosting having less security i.e., some DDOS attacks may affect our sites. (Distributed Denial of services). When we are signing  to a shared plan we are sharing spaces on server for loading websites. Nowadays in hosting companies, one server will provide as many as 5000 website, on this websites having limited resources because of sharing RAM, CPU and hard drive spaces.

Shared hosting can use small private sectors or allows businesses to expand their client bases on a global level at small affordable cost.

The most defective issue with this is if you are an advanced user it can’t able to handle the traffic and also you are not able to configure the way you like.

And even if you are sharing the resources of with someone and someone is busy with the sites at that time you can’t get the site because the server is paying attention to the sites , This are the main drawbacks of the shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting : shared hosting and ssd cloud hosting differences

Cloud Hosting another type of hosting it will load websites without any trouble.

It’s highly secured it can’t affect any DDOS attacks to our sites. The main thing is that it will not affect any malicious problems because of blocking as many requests at a time.

By the diagrammatic representations we can see that cloud computing, it is based on most innovative hosting ideas, that allows unlimited number of machines to act as one system.

Other hostings like the dedicated or shared the same number of machines to act as one system but the cloud hosting is guaranteed by many servers that’s the main effective feature of cloud hosting technology.

The major difference is that the speed of data transfer of the SSD or greater than other hosting.

Cloud storage is having large space for the storage. It can store huge amount data so be safe for the backup of data.

Shared Hosting and SSD Cloud Hosting : Differences

By making it differentiable shared hosting makes use of so many users and in case of cloud hosting it will be useable for a single user.

At the level of cost, shared hosting must be preferable for cheap rate when compared to cloud hosting.

When compares to security we prefer only cloud hosting when compared to shared hosting.

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