Remote desktop is a program or application that allows a user to connect to a computer in another location. A remote desktop connection relies upon any of a number of protocols, including virtual network computing (VNC), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and NX technology. Remote Desktop Connection is additionally referred to just as Remote Desktop. For the working of RDP, we Need to make sure the computer you’re trying to access is configured to allow to handle remote desktop.

Discover the list of software for getting to a remote Linux desktop.


TigerVNC is stage impartial execution of Virtual Network Computing (VNC). This is a client-server application which enables clients to dispatch and associate with graphical applications on remote PCs. Tigervnc-vncserver utilizes an alternate system that arranges an independent virtual work area for every client. It bolsters 3D and video applications. What’s more, TigerVNC utilizes expansions for the most recent validation techniques and TLS encryption.


Remmina is a free remote work area customer for Linux and other Unix-like frameworks. It bolsters different system conventions like RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP, and SSH. Remmina is created in GTK+3 and proposed for framework engineers who need to remotely access and work with numerous PCs. Remmina enables clients to keep up a rundown of composed by gatherings, association profiles, underpins speedy associations by clients specifically putting in the server address. Furthermore, Remmina gives a selected interface, alternatively oversaw by bunches in addition to numerous more highlights.


Teamviewer is a prominent, ground-breaking, secure and cross-stage remote access and control software. It is free for an individual to utilize and utilizing team viewer we can associate with various gadgets at the same time. This application is likewise utilized for a different reason like remote work area sharing, online gatherings and document exchange between gadgets associated over the Internet. TeamViewer permit LIVE iOS gadget screen access and control from any work area machines or cell phone.


NoMachine is the speediest and most noteworthy quality remote work area software. It can interface with any PC on the planet in only a couple of snaps. It has exceptional system straightforwardness. It enables you to watch recordings, play audio, access every one of your records, alter archives, play recreations and move them around. This got an interface that gives you a chance to focus on your work and is intended to work in a quick way as though you are situated directly before your remote PC. NoMachine has built up its own innovation to help all driving server, work area, and portable working frameworks. So it currently keeps running on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and Raspberry with same ease and performance.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop service provides free remote Desktop service. It is developed by Google. Using this we can connect to any machine which uses Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook. from any other desktop or mobile device. It’s biggest advantage is that it’s easier to install and use. Chrome Desktop is quite safe because it uses Pin and access codes to use remote machine.session will expire once the code expires.

These are the commonly used tools for accessing your Linux system from any remote place. There are many others are also available for the same purpose. These tools are very helpful for the professionals to make their work easy.

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