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I am working as an L2 Server Engineer. I love to travell a lot.
14 08, 2018

How to install OpenLiteSpeed web server in centos ?

By |August 14th, 2018|Centos7, How to Install, Installations, OpenLiteSpeed, webserver|0 Comments

Open LiteSpeed is an open source web server which comes with a lot of interesting features that helps us to manage our sites effectively. Some of the features include 1) Page Caching – which improves the loading time of the sites thus enhancing performance. 2) A WebAdmin interface. 3) Apache compatible rewrite rules. 4) [...]

8 03, 2018

What are IP Blocks /29 /28 /27?

By |March 8th, 2018|Articles, IP address, Server Management|0 Comments

Every device on the internet is assigned a unique address (number) called IP address. Without IP address the device become stranded from the network and will not be able to communicate with other network devices. Subnet mask Subnet mask subdivides a larger network into smaller networks. Classes of IP address in networking IP is [...]

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