A server reboot can be performed in various methods. But before initiating a reboot you should understand the system platforms and its running environment, else it might cause problems on the applications which are running in the server.

Graceful Reboot

Graceful reboot means to shut down all services normally, allowing current operations to finish, then reboot. Normally, when a system initiates a reboot, the system brings down in a secure and a safe way. The server will send a notification to all the logged-in users that the system is going down. It will block the new login’s as well. A reboot does its activity by flagging the init procedure and requesting that to change the run level.

Also, all the running processes will get a notification through the SIG-TERM signal that the system is going down in. Sometime, The applications will request its child processes to terminate and once it is completed then the parent process will terminate itself and then a reboot takes place. Here the applications/process are getting time to complete its execution and they are not forced to terminate immediately, so it can save and exit clearly.

The best way is to use the graceful reboot, but when there’s a problem this reboot doesn’t work always.

Forceful Reboot


Forceful means just shut the whole things down and then reboot. During this reboot, the running applications will get closed immediately without giving a chance for it to complete its execution. This might have an impact on the running applications. They may corrupt or leave the process in an incomplete status after the server reboot. Now let’s see how forceful reboot works. Forceful reboot close the applications directly and the application sends immediate kill/termination requests/signals to its child process to terminate, it will not check the stage of the child processes and after that the parent process kills itself. So after a forceful reboot, the parent processes cannot re-read the configuration files as the process was killed suddenly and therefore configurations were never written in the first place.

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