There are a lot of web hosting companies in the world. Most of them spend millions on advertisements, pay millions in affiliates, do fake promises saying everything is unlimited.

The major thing web hosting support should provide is quality tools and features that make easier to create a website and maintain.

We should first make a habit to check popular sites which include web hosting reviews so that we can check the reviews of the providers online and check the positive and negative feedbacks.

A web hosting support should provide the below support:

  • PHP web script

This is the crucial thing a web hosting support should provide which is must for website creation.

PHP scripts are commonly used in Serverside scripting, Command line scripting, and in desktop applications. All major OS supports PHP scripting.

  •  SQL database

A database is a crucial thing while creating a website to communicate with SQL.
It is good to provide PHPMyAdmin which is available in cPanel so that users can create, alter and set privileges, also can import and export databases.

  • Domain Names

A good web hosting support can provide, additional domain names to web hosting accounts so that clients can create more websites in future. This will also help a hosting support to grab clients since they do not want to approach another domain registrar for registering new domains. Even though Hosting does not support SEO related works we can provide kind of ideas to clients to keep their ranking and to protect copyright and trademark.

  • Site Builder

A site builder facility should be provided so that any newbie can start creating a website by himself with the tools and themes available in the site builder.

A drag and drop site builder is easy for everyone to make a website online so that this reduces the cost of hiring a developer to create a website. We can provide 500 + templates that will support fields. Also if the customer needs more templates or pages sitebuilder upgrade option can be provided.

  • CGI

Even though CGI is not much popular in these days since this has been replaced by PHP, a web hosting support should provide support to both since CGI is still being used. CGI is effective for visualization since it provides quality and effective animations.

  • Monitoring Tools

Some kind of monitoring tools is easy for tracking about the viewer’s details, which page they are frequently accessing, or their location can be included in monitoring which will help to identify the user’s requirement. A frequent monitoring helps to minimize the issues and thus reduces the impact of the issues to users if we fix the issue earlier.

Ex: Nagios, abbixZ etc

  • Professional Staff

A Team of trained staffs should be there whom should provide 24*7 support. They should be very patient to hear the customers query and solve them accordingly. There should be a trust between staffs and clients.

  • 24*7 support

This support should include, email support, phone support, and online chat support so that clients can contact web hosting supports in any way in which they are comfortable. A web hosting support should take initiative to call the customer if the issue has not been cleared by email support and if the issue is so crucial.

  • Advanced security

A good hosting support should provide custom firewalls and security to identify the malware on the websites and should take proper actions accordingly.

  • Money back Guarantee

If clients are not satisfied with the support we should provide money back guarantee.
This can help the customer to try the product before signing up for the service. During this time hosting company should make sure to provide an extra great service to new customers.

  • Click Installs

A one-click installer can be included to install applications within the short span of time.

A good provider is one that provides good support, stays on top of support issues, stays on top of technology like backups, etc. Providers who actually care about their customers and aren’t just another number. Need to hear the requirements of the customer patiently and give suggestions. Also, let the client hear our practical suggestions once discussed with the techs.

  • Quality Assurance Team

A supporting team can hire a QA team to monitor the work of employees and monthly review to the client regarding the issues in desk will be more useful to make a relationship with the customer. The team can also point out the mistakes done by techs and take corrective actions.

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