What is http error 503?

In our daily life as a server administrator we have to face, resolve and prevent many service errors in both Linux and Windows servers. The http error 503(Error Code 503) is one of common status codes that a server can use to respond to HTTP requests from clients, such as web browsers. Here I am discussing some details about HTTP Error 503 that is service temporary unavailable error and how to fix it.

This service may obtained where the application pool of your website is down. It doesn’t matter whether you’re accessing the web page by a desktop, tablet pc, or smartphone, the status code 503 is the way of informing visitors by server that the service they’re trying to reach isn’t available (Service Unavailable). Here I am listing some of the common errors which you are facing in the daily life.

HTTP 503

HTTP Error 503

HTTP Error 503 The service is unavailable

503 Error

Status code HTTP Error 503

HTTP Server Error 503

Error 503 Service Unavailable

503 Service Unavailable Error

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Service Unavailable – DNS Failure

HTTP /1.1 Service Unavailable

Why HTTP Error 503 occur?

Normally this error occurs because of the server can’t provide requested content by the user at the time. There are few reasons behind this.

  1. The server  is getting frees, Such as its bringing in updates, Updating databases, creating backups or any network related issues and application hang are the main reason this kind of errors.
  1. Overload server is also caused for this error, there are many reason behind server overload. That are
  • Improper configuration of applications
  • Virus and spam attacks.
  • Huge amount of traffic to the server
  1. Finally there should be a chance that the web server not able to find the appropriate source file from its location and there should be some incorrect configurations happened on the DNS server configurations from client side (router or computer).

Different methods to troubleshoot HTTP 503 errors

We can do this troubleshoots from server side and client side also.

  1. Be careful on the necessary hosting resources

Huge amount of traffic one of the main reason of server overload. Traffic is mainly depended on the basis of website visitors. So we have to careful about this traffic to avoid server overload

  1. Daily detailed checkup of program and application related errors

The server could be configured by incorrect programs or problematic plugins. This should be filter out by server admin and need to fix it.

  1. Update server applications properly.

Out dated software’s also a main reason of this error. So Keep eye on every software’s and update them if your web project require.

  1. One of the main troubleshoot from the client side is, Refreshing the Web page. Most of the case it enough to just refresh the page. We can do this simply click on the refresh button or alternatively use the [F5] key.
  1. Check and confirm client side DNS server is configured correctly and change the configuration if needed and also try to restart server and router from client side.
  1. Contact your server admin and inform the issue you which you are facing with the website.

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