Main Reason For 530 Login Failure

In common we use various methods to connect to the server such as FileZilla, or a similar application or via command line.

The first thing we have to cross-check is if the domain is pointed correctly to the server. If the domain is not pointed correctly 530 login failure will report. In such case, it’s better to user server hostname or IP in the field of the hostname. Also, reset the password to make sure we are using correct details.( If the domain propagation is not finished completely then the issues will occur.)

1.) 530 login failure mainly occurs when any one of the following or all such as username, password, hostname, and port is incorrect.

Make sure to use correct username and password while login.If the username and password are incorrect the application will show 530 login error.In such case make sure to reset the password before retrying as multiple entries of wrong detail will result in IP block on the server.As all server follow strict security features.

How is the FTP account created?

FTP access is created in two ways.

1. In case of cPanel, we normally use the cPanel username and password itself to connect FTP and it will provide us access to the document root of the account.
2. We can create a separate login by assigning resistance to which directory the user can access.(FTP ACCOUNT option in cPanel)
In such case, the username will be as mostly hostname as

2.) Another possible reason is due to FTP database gets corrupted. In such case, the issue will occur server wide.

In case of database error also we get 530 login failure server wide.

It happens if any recent changes made in FTP server and it’s not implemented properly.

We can resolve the issues as the WHM provide the option to sync the password or manually we can do the same.
The same can be done via switching the FTP server from pure to Pro FTP it will update the user password.

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