We all might have a good knowledge of how to create and launch a website. But many of us don’t know what is the role of web hosting in creating a website. Let us give you a brief idea regarding this topic.

In simple words :

“How a house is important for a family to stay, web hosting is that much important for a website. It is important for a family to select the most comforting home to stay, likewise selection of the perfect web host should be given that much care. A server admin is an architect that selects the web hosting according to the needs of the client.”

What is Web Hosting?

As the name suggests, web hosting provides room for your website to launch. The room referred here is a server. A server is a large memory that is mainly used to store a large amount of data. A good web hosting is the one, which helps your website load faster and more efficiently with little or no downtime.

Let us have a look at how the web hosting works. The website data/files are stored in high-performance computers which are connected to a very fast network. If the web address is called via the web browser, the internet points to the web server in which the files/data is stored back in the browser/computer.

Types of Web Hosting

* Shared Web Hosting
* Virtual Dedicated Server
* Dedicated Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Consider a web server has a number of clients who need space to launch their website. They all can use the same web server to launch their sites. They will all use the same resources such as CPU, RAM etc for all the sites.

Virtual Dedicated Server

Let us consider the same scenario as before that a number of clients are available, each with their own resource needs. In order to fulfill all of their needs, the server’s resources are distributed to each client without affecting each other, to be more specific, each client gets exactly what resources they need which is not compromised by other clients.

Dedicated Hosting

Unlike the above two hosting techniques, a client is given a whole web server in order to fulfil the client’s needs. All the resources in that particular server are allocated for that client.

Conclusion :

It is important to select a good web hosting to build a good website which has less downtime, more efficiency, loads the website faster all of this which will contribute to the success of the website.

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