SMART means Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology which is a test used to analyze the health of the SSD/HDD drives and the command used for this process smartctl.

The smart montools can be installed on Ubuntu/Debian using the package sources

  • #apt-get install
  • For Redhat/CentOS, use yum instead of apt-get

To ensure that hard disk supports ‘SMART’ and whether it is enabled,  use the  command #smartctl -i /dev/sdc
The last two lines of the result are the most important as these indicate whether SMART support is available and enabled.

SMART support is: Available – device has SMART capability.

SMART support is: Enabled

To enable SMART, if not enabled use the following command

smartctl -s on /dev/DEVICE_NAME

Usually, we use the long and short test to check if the drives are faulty.

Short Test 

The short test is used for identifying the defective hard drives rapidly and the maximum run time for the test is 2 mins. It just read/verifies main segments of the disk.

smartctl -t short /dev/DEVICE_NAME

Long Test

Long Test is same as that of short test except for the time restriction and it read/verify each and every segments/sector of the disk.
#smartctl -t long /dev/DEVICE_NAME
Usesmartctl -X to abort test.
Test results are included in the output of the following commands
#smart a /dev/DEVICE_NAME


 We can also use hdparm command to list the information of the drives.
#hdparm -I /dev/DEVICE_NAME can be used to measure read speed, erase drives etc.

Memory test

It is used to test the health of the RAM modules. The Server must be turned offline to run the memory test. Once you have mounted CentOS/Ubuntu ISO via IPMI, proceed to the memory test. There are no time restrictions as it depends on the size of the RAM modules and the results will be displayed once the test has been completed.

MemTest86 and Memtest86+ are memory test programming programs intended to test and stress test a x86 design PC’s irregular access memory (RAM) for mistakes, by composing test examples to most memory addresses, perusing back the information, and contrasting for errors. MemTest86 is intended to keep running as a remain solitary, independent program from a bootable floppy circle, CD-ROM, USB streak drive, or from an appropriate boot supervisor without a working framework exhibit.

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