Cloud computing and platforms are the most heard words in the industry now. It has revolutionized the way of computing from typical virtual or dedicated servers to a scalable, efficient and much performing models. By the introduction of clouds, several technologies came into existence such as IaaS (Infrastructure as service), PaaS (Platform as a service), SaaS (Software as a Service), SDN (Software-defined networking) etc. Modern technologies like Artificial intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data processing etc requires huge computation power which is very difficult and expensive to build in our on-premise environments. Cloud platforms provide enough computation power and resources with required software add-ons for the required time at a lower cost compared to managing on-premise equipment. This enables businesses to make use or rent only what they need at the time, providing a cost-effective way.

We will check out some of the biggest players in the industry.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is a subsidiary of, an e-commerce giant based in the US. Beginning as an inside task, AWS now gives on-request distributed computing stages for people, organizations, and ventures, Governments and so forth and holds over 35% of the piece of the market share. AWS runs its services as pay-as-you-go subscription model and allows users to have any capacity of cloud computing power any time at their disposal. Amazon as a service provider manages, upgrades and provides hardware, security, and software as per their EULA. AWS operates from 16 regions and 42 availability zones. They provide more than 90 distinct services including computing cluster, storage, a

wide range of databases including Amazon Aurora, networking, CDN, DNS services, software for ML, IoT, and services which are not directly public facing ones.  AWS is a combination of IaaS and PaaS mainly. Xen Hypervisor technology powers their main offering- the Elastic Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Azure rushed to the top position in the commercial cloud sector in short time and has beaten AWS in several areas. While providing IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS on the mainstream, Azure holds the major share in Microsoft technologies in the cloud when compared to other competitors and their PaaS services are powered by Hyper-V. Microsoft also shows unmatched commitment towards in developing and assisting the users to deploy blockchain, AI, IoT and ML environments like a breeze in the production environments.  Azure has their presence in almost every continents and operates from 20 regions.

Google Cloud Platform

Google provides their public cloud services in the areas of IaaS mainly and support major AI, ML, Blockchain and compute cluster workloads. With support for SQL (Cloud SQL) and NoSQL (Cloud Datastore), they compete with other major players in the cloud industry. GCP still lags behind when comparing the features but new advancements make them as emerging platform.

IBM Cloud

With BlueMIX cloud platform which offers IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and IBM Watson which provides intelligent services for ML, AI, IoT and blockchains, IBM created a boom in the cloud sector recently and has placed themselves as a strong competitor for AWS and Azure. The IBM cloud services are a mixture of public, private and hybrid model whichever your business suits. The Bluemix PaaS cloud is powered by the open source platform – cloud foundry.

Alibaba Cloud

Created by Alibaba group – a Chinese e-commerce giant, started as an internal project to support their operations. It launched the public cloud services recently and became one of the strong competitors for others in the Asia Pacific sector. Though they have a presence in US and European countries, their main point of presence is in China and South Asian countries. Alibaba cloud now covers all the major cloud services like elastic computing, general hosting, object storage, relational database (SQL) & NoSQL database (using the Table Store), support for ML, AI and BigData processing etc.

There are many other players in the cloud sector like Rackspace cloud, Oracle, VMware etc. which have their distinct services for your business needs.

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