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This week, big-name companies like Trillian and Mozilla unwrapped their offerings in the marketplace. Despite the annual holiday slowdown, we also saw a great app for New Year’s Eve, a way to control YouTube from your Android device, and a handy system management tool.

Trillian (Android) $4.99

It’s not unusual for people to have accounts with several different social networking websites and use more than a single instant messaging program. Trillian is an app that helps to make maintaining your online social life a little less chaotic. Its purpose is to put all of your conversations in a single place, instead of having to force several applications at once. The app streamlines your digital communications so that you can chat while you’re on-the-go. Users can also receive C2DM push notifications, send pictures and messages, and optionally synchronize with Trillian for Mac, Windows, and web. For those who have limited texting plans, Trillian messaging may help you to save on SMS costs.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser (Android) FREE

The beta release of popular web browser Mozilla has just made its way onto the Android platform. A devout Firefox user, I was pretty excited to learn that your page history, bookmarks, tabs and passwords can be synchronized between desktop and mobile.

Users can get add-ons to customize Firefox exactly the way they would like. You can also type less and perhaps save a little time by browsing with something called the “awesome” bar.

Times Square Official Ball App (Android) FREE

To celebrate the onset of a new year, a giant crystal ball in Time Square is dropped from a high point while crowds count down the seconds until midnight. Every year, more than one million people flock to Manhattan to watch the event and an estimated one billion watch the happening on TV. The Time Square Ball App will help you to feel a little closer to the action without all of the chaos and cold weather. In fact, it might almost feel like you’re there. The weather, photos, maps and show schedule from the event are all information that can be accessed. A live streaming video of the event will stream and the countdown clock will be customized for your time zone, so you know exactly when to tell the party to blow their horns and fire their party favors.

YouTube Remote (Android) FREE

This slick remote is designed to control the way you watch YouTube videos on your computer. Launch the app on your phone and then log-in to your YouTube account. Then, log-in to that same account on your computer. This app will give you direct access to any of the hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube. The remote will give you the freedom to search without even touching your computer. Find some new videos or enjoy some of your old favorites from either your work desk or your bed. This remote even allows you to create personalized channels and pick which ones you want on your favorites list.

Elixir (Android) FREE

Released earlier this month, Elixir just received another update to further improve its feature set. It’s essentially a system information tool for your Android device so you can keep track of all kinds of things like battery power, memory usage, and storage, but it also includes some highly configurable widgets to toggle stuff like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location services, and screen brightness.

With the ability to add indicators to your status bar, and a developer who continues to fix bugs and improve its performance, Elixir could turn out to be one of the more useful apps to have on your Android phone in 2011.