If you are looking for a cheap server to host your sites or if it’s your first hosting site, then Godaddy is a very good option. But if it’s about websites like Paytm which need to handle high traffic then Godaddy is not the very best option available. In such cases where we have to deal with such huge traffic, it is always recommended to use a dedicated server as we can increase the RAM and CPU as required. Cloud will be a better platform when compared to Godaddy as it is easy to isolate our resources from others by creating a virtual network. So, let’s take a look at the main advantages of cloud computing and how can it be a better platform for hosting sites like Paytm.

1. Scale as needed

As our applications grow we will be able to add storage, CPU, RAM as needed. When we compare cloud-based applications with traditional local systems, traditional local systems need managing licensing and configuration. So we need to hire expensive consultants for the proper management. But in cloud computing, providers helps to support and handle all aspects of the hardware needed.

2. Less environmental impact

If we take the example of a data center they require several servers and backup systems to be running 24*7 along with employees to manage this process, but in case of cloud, they are having less of an impact on the environment.

3. Accessibility

The ease of accessibility is one of the most significant advantages of the cloud system. We can access our data from anywhere and at any time. A cloud infrastructure helps to increase the efficiency and the business productivity by ensuring our application is always accessible. This will help us to access and share the data’s with the users in different locations and our data is safer as well. Since our data is stored in a DC, losing power doesn’t affect the cloud platform and the cloud server never goes down. In case if any such issue occurs when the multiple nodes will take over the workload of the failed node automatically and help to maximize uptime and ensures zero downtime for our website and application.

4. Quality of service

When we compare the cloud computing with the quality of services that it provides we know that the cloud computing assures the top service level to its customers.

5. Pricing

Based on pricing cloud doesn’t have any upfront cost because it is completely based on the usage. And the user pay bill for the number of resources that he uses. It will help to track the usage and to our needs, we can reduce the usage cost.

So when considering all these advantages it is clear that it is always recommended to use a dedicated server or a cloud platform to host websites like paytm.

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