Being a leading server management service provider, we have received several queries from our clients regarding their website getting suspended by the web host. There are numerous reasons that cause this error message to appear. With this article, we help you figure out the causes of the error message, “this account has been suspended” to appear on your website, and the possible solutions to resolve the issue.

What Causes the Message – “This Account has been Suspended” to Appear on your website?

You receive the error message “this account has been suspended” when your hosting provider temporarily takes down your website for reasons such as a spam attack, lack of payment, malware issues, policy violation, etc. 

Lack of Payment 

In most cases, web hosts charge you automatically from your credit card at the time of hosting plan renewal. However, there are possibilities that your transactions may fail due to some reasons such as insufficient funds, expired cards, etc. To help avoid any payment issues, most of the web hosts will send payment reminder emails to customers several times prior to the due date. They will also inform you via emails about any failed transactions, if there is any, before suspending your account. This is one of the most common reason that cause “this account has been suspended” error message to appear.

Violating Policy and Terms of Usage

Violating the policies of your web host will result in your account being suspended. Copyright issues, unsolicited emails, spam generation, storage of illegal material on the server are some of the common reasons that result in violation of policy and terms of use. Any breach of the terms or policy conditions results in a “this account has been suspended” error message appearing on your website.


Use of Excessive Server Resources

A web hosting server may contain hundreds or thousands of websites. The website shares the resources such as memory, processing power, and storage, containing on a particular server. Web hosts set a cap on the resources to make sure that all the hosted sites get a fair amount of server resources. Importantly, you should be aware of the resources you are using. In most cases, the web host will give an alert if your website’s resource usage exceeds the allotted limit before suspending the account.

Malware Infection on your Website

Hackers may exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to your site. Hackers do this to redirect your website visitors to other sites, or send spam emails, steal user information, etc. Your hosting service providers will suspend your website if they find any virus or malware, phishing pages on your website. To avoid the spread of malware to other sites hosted on the same server, they do suspend your website.

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Steps to Resolve “This Account has been Suspended” Issue

Now, you might have understood why “this account has been suspended” message appear on your website. Website downtime may potentially damage your brand reputation leading to a loss in sales and revenue. In such cases, getting the website back live will be your prime concern. 

Let’s now take a look at how to resolve this issue quickly and effectively.

This account has been suspended

  • Rectifying the Payment Failures

The error message “this account has been suspended” can appear due to payment failures. Fixing it is quite simple. Completing the pending payment with your web host will help you in getting your site up and running.

  • Resolve Terms and Policy Violations

Firstly, you need to find out which policy you are violating. Go through your web host’s policies list carefully to figure what which policy you have violated. If you are facing trouble in understanding which policy you violated, you may get in touch with your hosting provider.

You can also migrate your server to a different hosting provider if your current web host is not compromising. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you out on migrations. Get in touch with us to know more.

  • Find Resource Usage Limit

To avoid getting an account suspension, you should keep a check on the resource usage limit regularly. The sudden surge in website traffic is one of the common causes of excessive resource usage. Poorly coded themes and plugins, DDoS attacks are some of the other reasons that result in excessive usage of resources.

So you might need to find out what led to the excessive usage of resources and take the necessary steps to resolve the problem as soon as possible. If a malware attack was the reason behind the excessive resource usage, take a look at the next step.

  • Remove Vulnerabilities

To clean up the malware,  you can request your web host to grant temporary access to your website, so that you can resolve the issue by removing the vulnerabilities affecting your site. However, cleaning up your site is challenging and might require you to take the help of experts. There are lots of security plugins available, which will help you make the process of website malware removal easier. 

Once you complete the clean-ups, you can request a review from your hosting provider. If the web host finds your website to be clean, it will be back live after the review.

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Figuring out the root cause of the problem can help you to resolve the issue quickly. Account suspension can resolve easily if it occurred due to payment failures or violations in policy and terms. 

However, even after getting your site running back, make sure to keep it secure from any attacks in the future. You can use security plugins and firewalls to keep your website secured 24/7.