When we try to look for the right choice for the hosting support for the website. We need to consider several factors that fulfill our needs. One of the choice for the hosting support is dedicated IP hosting. Before we discussing the benefits of dedicated IP, we need to get an idea about what is an IP address and how the shared and dedicated IP address differs.

IP Address

IP is the abbreviated form of Internet Protocol Address and helps us to interact with devices over an IP based network. An IP address is something which consists of a unique string of numbers. It can recognize the dedicated server in which the website files are stored. Accessing the website can be done using either the domain name or by using a dedicated IP address. If you are using a domain name to accessing the website, DNS is the one which resolves the domain name to IP address. There are mainly two types of IP address that is, IPv4 and IPv6 address. Both of them can be applied in shared as well as the dedicated server.

Shared IP Address

One of the key features of a shared IP address is that a single IP address is used by multiple domains. But in some cases, the server hardware and networking features need to be shared with multiple users for shared web hosting.

Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address is something which has our own. If we proceed to search with a dedicated IP address which will direct us to the webpage in addition to search by means of a domain name. For some of the hosting packages, they may provide us the dedicated IP while for some others we need to purchase it by ower own.

How Dedicated IP Address Differs From Shared IP Address?

Simply we can define the difference between the shared as well as the dedicated IP, In the case of the shared IP address, it manages a single IP address to serve for multiple websites within one web server. In such a scenario the web server needs to process some extra work by parsing the user’s request to correct the website. But in the case of dedicated IP, a user has its own IP address and a website can be accessed by means of dedicated IP address in addition to the domain name.

Benefits Of Dedicated IP Address

There are several reasons to choose dedicated IP in website hosting. Some of them are listed below:

Able To Access Website At Any Time

In the case of dedicated IP, we can easily login to a server remotely at any time that we wish. The dedicated IP address has an ability to access the server directly without altering the DNS settings for the domain name. This is one of the major advantages of a dedicated IP address.

Application Requirement

In order to run a particular site which needs to run certain scripts and applications, for that we require a dedicated IP address.When we try to run unique apps or server scripts, double check that having a dedicated IP address is not necessary.

Advantage In Business Identity

Purchasing a dedicated Ip address and SSL certificate for a website will provide security for the costumer’s data in the case we are not using any third-party services for online as well as the e-commerce websites. Email credentials using a dedicated IP allows us to move away from our service from the abuse consequences where others are at fault. That is in some cases, some user sharing the same IP address with us gets banned or blacklisted for spamming which may possibly affect our email service as well.

Premium SSL Certificates Demand Dedicated IP

If we need a better image for the website, then we need to use the premium SSL certificates, for the case such as the SSL Authority will require a Dedicated IP address in order to identify your server properly and issue the certificate, for that Dedicated IP is almost mandatory.

Higher Level Of Ability To Server Control

With the ability to access the server directly, the user will get much more freedom and they can customize abilities based on their needs. It is based on our technical skills to back it up.

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