Nowadays, PHP frameworks have gained a lot of technical attention. In the web development community, most of the development is improving with PHP frameworks. By near we can see all of the job opportunities and project requirements were requesting for MVC PHP Frameworks.

Mainly, PHP frameworks help developers to develop an application quickly and simply. They are providing securities and preventing hacking attacks from others. With a short time, we can develop an application with the framework.

PHP frameworks are more code understandable so they can provide good team coordination. We can use PHP frameworks to use create website robust and secure.

Some of the familiar PHP frameworks are listed below:

  1. CodeIgniter
  2. Zend
  3. Laravel
  4. YII Framework
  5. CakePHP
  6. Symfony

Best Frameworks in PHP


CodeIgniter is the most popular framework used in PHP. In CodeIgniter controller classes have more importance than view and model classes. In development views and model classes are optional. One of the other features in CodeIgniter is that we can modify the CodeIgniter MVC to HMVC. This feature will help developers to manage a modular grouping of the controller. We can arrange our model and view in a subfolder too.

The main feature of CodeIgniter is speed. CodeIgniter has more speed than the other PHP frameworks. Once in a FrOSCon the PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf spoke that nothing that he liked Codeigniter because it is faster, lighter and least like a framework.

Codeigniter is an open source software. And this was licensed with MT License. It is easier to customize and make using this we can make our own software.

Zend Framework

Zend framework is an object-oriented web application framework. This is also an open source related to other PHP frameworks. Zend is a basically PHP packages. Zend is also known as ZF. This framework is developed to make PHP much easier to the developers. Zend has many revised versions. This framework provides MVC (Model View Controller), also coupled components that we can use more independently.

For installation and other dependencies, Zend depends on the composer. Zend has several packages to work, and those packages depend on composer packages too. In the same scenario, the framework provides security.


Laravel is the best PHP frameworks from the available PHP framework. Laravel helps to create a strong application. Also, Laravel provides powerful tools to develop large-scale application too. Laravel is also an open source PHP framework. The basic of Laravel following the MVC concepts of PHP is based on the framework Symfony. Laravel Some packages from Laravel are modular packaging system. In different ways, we can access the relational database with the help of a dedicated dependency manager. Laravel has some features more than other frameworks available. Object-relational mapping, query builder, application logic, reverse routing, restful controllers, class autoloading, view composer, database seeding, unit testing, etc are some of the most popular features available in the Laravel PHP frameworks.


With other PHP frameworks, Yii which implement the model view controller (MVC) architecture promotes organization based on this pattern. Yii is a full stack framework, which provides ready-to-use features. Query builder and ActiveRecord are supported with both the relational and NoSQL databases. Also, Yii is familiar with RESTful API development. Yii can perform more active than other frameworks. We can easily customize the core functions of Yii and make our own code here. Another feature of Yii is a layered caching scheme, using this can make data caching, page caching, fragment caching, and dynamic content and the storage of caching have permission to change.

Insecurity Yii has prevention of cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and cookie tempering. That means Yii also have more security. The automatic code generator is another feature available in Yii. With the help of Gii tools, we can make crud applications.


CakePHP is another framework available in the PHP frameworks. It’s a rapid development framework. This mostly known as design patterns like Association Data Mapping, ActiveRecords and front controller. CakePHP is also an MVC framework, which uses model view controller architecture to develop. By using CakePHP we can least code and rapidly build projects which reduce the cost of development.

In CakePHP also we have some features according to the other frameworks we discussed above. Integrated CRUD for database interaction, code generation, built in validations, PHP syntax with helpers, flexible caching, localization are the main features available in CakePHP. Mostly this CakePHP is also an open source framework of the PHP framework.


Symfony is one of the best frameworks of PHP framework which is also an open source PHP framework. We can develop the website and web application with this framework. Main features of Symfony are faster development, easier maintainability, fewer issues, security. Symfony has used in many popular cms (content management systems) available in the market. phpBB, Drupal, Magento are the most famous cms developed with the Symfony. Proven security and maintenance cost is very affordable in case of Symfony.

Bundle and component are the most advanced technology benefits available in Symfony. The bundle is the same as the plugin concept. For creating a blog and shopping cart this will help more. The main advantage of the bundle is reconfiguration, that is we can reconfigure each bundle and reuse it with any other application too. The bundle is the same as our packages (stylesheet and javascript) too. A component feature will help to reduce daily tasks and allow developers to focus on a specific business feature. There are more than 30 helpful components available. We can use these components and we can create our own modules too.

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