Owning a website means you have to be constantly aware of the state of your server. You need to monitor if the server is overloaded, if there are any network connection issues, what is the up time and downtime, how much is the response time and lot more. The amount of monitoring required would be dependent on how complex your website is. For that, you need a server management tool.

A good server management tool not only helps you to have the best website but also ensures a server’s longevity.


This one has been around for over a decade, with timely updates to stay competent. With Nagios, your entire IT infrastructure is constantly monitored. It helps you ensure that all your processes, services, applications and systems are running smoothly. Nagios can be set up to monitor network protocols, services, system metrics, applications, network infrastructure and servers.

Notifications are sent in case of any probable issues. You get notifications in the form of SMS, email and there would also be reports explaining outages in detail. This helps your technical team to remedy any issues without delay. It offers avenues to integrate with third party apps as well.

Performance Co-Pilot

You can collect various real-time data from different operating systems using this server management tool.  Windows (32), UNIX, Mac OS X, FreeBSDX, Linux, and Solaris are supported by Performance Co-Pilot.

Data can be exported from cisco routers, log files, databases, mail systems, web servers and even some search engines with capable monitoring tools. Multiple clients can monitor the same host at the same time owing to it being a distributed system.


Initially developed as a forked version of Nagios, this monitoring software had a REST API for extensions to be integrated without any complicated application core modification, additional database connectors and a GUI. Icinga now monitors resource availability and notifies outages. You can easily set it up for generating template based reports, reporting modules, service checks and choose custom interfaces.


As the name suggests, OpenNMS is open source. This allows you to download easily and maintain or upgrade with minimum cost. It can be your main network repository from which various data can be recognized to generate trouble tickets or notices. It can easily spot core network issues and in case of any event,alarms can be raised with notifications sent to different sets of users if configured to do so. Remote Poller is a special feature of OpenNMS looking at outages from a client perspective.

Happy Apps

Monitor the uptime of both your IT system and apps with Happy Apps.  It has an ability to monitor messaging queues, app servers, databases and apps. You can also view individual and overall statuses while also looking at systems dependency maps. Setting up notifications via email or SMS is quite easy. There is also a ‘mute’ feature to ensure only the relevant alerts reach you.

The reports are comprehensive and presented in an easy to understand manner, allowing you to analyse without any difficulty. This server management tool helps identify performance issues, patterns and outages.

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