If you are familiar with the word “Web Hosting”, then I am pretty sure that you MUST have heard the word cPanel too.

Yes, I am talking about the Control Panels here. Control panel are the web-based platform which is used to simplify the process of managing a server. These panels are generally designed to reduce the difficulty of routine tasks in webservers . For this reason, when you are looking for a dedicated hosting service, the control panel used to be considered an important factor in the decision.

There are many options available and I would say cPanel is one of the best known.

In recent years, cPanel has become the preferred choice for most hosting services in the world and can be installed on the unix based operating system like Redhat,CentOs

The most important factor is that a person doesn’t need to be tech-savvy in order to manage websites or servers using cPanel. They could easily manage their files, Email accounts, FTP accounts, Firewalls, Statistics etc through cPanel.

Advantages of cPanel hosting

1. The main advantage of cPanel server is the number of users. It’s not about how popular it is. It will be so easy to find resolution to problems, tips and advice from other users. There are tons of blogs and forums devoted to the topics on cPanel based issues.

2. cPanel provide a graphical interface. So, it can be conveniently use anyone. So that even a new user can experience it without much technical knowledge

3. cPanel have an advantage is that, cPanel is rich in features. These features and function help the users to manage their accounts. For example, cPanel has a rich set of email management function. Users will get to quickly and easily set up their email accounts. They can also get features such as anti-virus and anti-fraud protection.

4. The cPanel only requires a 266MHz Linux system with 512MB RAM and a minimum of 10 GB available disk space. If you are using a dedicated server, you don’t even have to worry about these requirements.

5. The cPanel provides a collection of scripts with the integration of fantastico. It contains around 50+ one click ready to use Auto installer scripts. thus the user can easily manage applications using simple scripts.

6. You can analyze the server logs with ease using the cPanel

7. Its also well known for its support for many of the third-party applications which allow web hosting provider to offer hosting packages bundled with a wide variety of pre-installed, ready to be used programs.

8. Spam Assassin is another notable feature available in cPanel. It’s a mail filtering system which scans each and every email received under the email accounts hosted from your cPanel account for characteristics which are typical of spam messages.You can also filter mails using some spam scores.

9. Using cPanel the users can easily upgrade, edit tweak MYSQL, Apache etc

10. Another benefit of a cPanel server is that its portability. Anyone can perform a server migration with minimum complexity.

11. The cPanel can detect the services that get failed on the server for any reason and once it does, it automatically logs out and restarts the service.

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