Nowadays we know that almost all servers have been migrated from different OS to Cloudlinux because of its advantages. CloudLinux OS is the outstanding platform which increases the server security, efficiency, and stability by isolating each user in its own Lightweight Virtualized Environments (LVE). It is a unique environment consists of its own CPU, memory, IO, IOPS, number of processes and other limits.

This will make sure that over usage of any users will not threaten the stability of your servers. If a particular user experiences sudden traffic and begins to consume all the resources, rather than increasing the server load, it will slow down only that particular LVE.

Whenever a particular account receives a sudden large amount of traffic or begins to consume more resources, rather than slowing the entire server it will make slow only that particular LVE. We do have a lot of advantages on CloudLinux OS over the other Linux system. I have listed some of them below:

Improves Server Stability And Density

It enhances server stability by preventing the fluctuations in resource usage and make sure that servers are stable in all the circumstances. It increases stability by reducing the resources usage of every single user.  Single users will be restricted from bringing down the entire server by the LVE kernel level module, accomplished by controlling the amount of RAM and CPU.

Enhances Server Security

In Cloudlinux, each user will be associated with the unique CageFS technology. In which it encapsulates each user, avoiding them from knowing each other’s sensitive information or processes. The lightweight virtualized environment (LVE) helps to avoid attackers from accessing endangered files or stealing the information from users on the server.

Increases Server Efficiency

As the technology limits the resource usage per user, the number of users created are more when it compared to the servers in another platform. This also helps to reduce unnecessary server resources.

Hardened Kernel

Cloudlinux can secure against all kind of symlink attacks through KernelCare “Extra” Patchset. It enhances the security and provides symlink protection to all servers by using the KernelCare CentOS kernel, with a KernelCare license.

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