What are the best Linux Distros for gaming ?

Linux can be utilized for everything, counting gaming. When [...]

What is openfire and how to install openfire?

Openfire is a well-known chat software or we can [...]

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What are the best tools to access remote linux desktop ?

Remote desktop is a program or application that allows [...]

How To Optimize Linux Battery Life ?

There are several settings in a Linux distribution, to [...]

How can we find the File Creation Time in Linux Operating system ?

The file creation time named ‘crtime’ stored in the [...]

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How to Perform Disk Mounting in Linux?

Mounting of a disk/storage gadget is important to make [...]

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How to migrate a cPanel website with minimal downtime?

The website migrations are vital in web hosting industry [...]

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How To Fix The Unsupported SFP+ Issue in Linux ?

Hi guys, You might have experienced some troubles in [...]

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of FreeBSD And Linux?

FreeBSD and Linux system are two free, open supply [...]

By |2018-03-22T10:59:57+05:30March 22nd, 2018|linux, Server Management, Uncategorized|0 Comments
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